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 Zuzon (Zion + Kuzon) is the Potara Fusion result of Kuzon and Zion fusing. He will soon appear in Role-Play sessions in the Wiki Chat. His Fusion Dance counterpart is Kuzion.


He is very fun loving. He will tell jokes often during battle but can be cocky. He takes after Vegito. He has a fun peronallity though he is very strong.


He wears a Blue Gi on the outside. On the inside, hear hears a light green Gi (Kuzon's is white and Zion's is green). He has Potara earrings. His hair sticks straight up.


Super Saiyan 

Supreme Super Saiyan after Zion becomes a Kai

Super Saiyan 2 - 

Supreme Super Saiyan 2 after Zion becomes a Kai

Super Saiyan 3-

Supreme Super Saiyan 3- after Zion becomes a Kai

Super Saiyan 4-

Supreme Super Saiyan 4- after Zion becomes a Kai

Supreme Stage (All his forms before Supreme Stage was before Zion was a kai.)

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