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Zoin is an unknown masked man, who is a stalker and also a maniac. He appears in part II after the first timeskip. He gets his name because he always tosses a coin by the name of a Zoin.

Professional Status
Personal Status
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  • Ki Sense
  • Flight
  • Ki blast
  • Full Power Energy Wave
  • Hyper Zerk
  • Oaisis Rush
  • Zoin Flip Hex
  • Zoin Flip Prank
  • DV Dance Tumblr_lf1kfwPnSK1qgr42no1_250.gif

Mask Collection

This section is of the masks, seen, and worn by Zoin. He gets these masks by stealing them.

Green, and Red Mask

Zoin was first seen wearing this mask.

1st Rainbow Mask

Zoin has a mask that is multiple colors, "rainbow" mask. He has two masks like a rainbow, but they are in different patterns. These two mask were said to be Zoin's least favorite masks he stole.

Navy Blue Mask

Zoin has a mask that is all navy blue, and the mask where Zoin's face was almost revealed.

Mask Gallery

Power Levels

  • Normal (Out of fight) - 99,000
  • Angry - 120,000,000
  • Fighting - 390,000,293
  • Fighting at Full - 7,829,628,283
  • Crazy Insane Fool - 890,392,372,837,273,826,283,279,000


All of the different weapons he used.

  • - Weak

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