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Zion X

Zion New Main Gi



Name Zion X
Kanji シオン
Aliases Prince Zion the 10th
Debut Wrath of Taze
User XxGodZerxesxX
Race Saiyan 1/2

Tuffle 1/2

Gender Male Male
Date of Birth May 8 1483
Age 20(Chronological)

22 (Biological)

Height 6'7
Weight 245 Lbs
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Education Highest Level of Tuffle Education(Above PHD)
Address Palace on Pluto
Partner None
Personal Status
Relatives Bano (Father)

Zoku II (brother) Unknown Tuffle Mother(Random Female Tuffle)

Mirai (Wife)

Zion XI (Son)

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Zion or Zion X (シオン), is a Saiyan/Tuffle male born in 1483 and is the main role-play character of XxGodZerxesxX. Zion is the prince of the  under Bano who is king of . Zion X is a founding member of the Neo Lookout Crew, alongside Jericho and several others.



Zion wears a red martial arts gi with a black flame-like patern outlined in a golden liner. Zion wears metallic golden boots, with fingerless gloves of the same colors. His gi is held up by a turquoise cloth band, also wearing a turquoise cloth scarf like accesory around his neck. Underneathe said gi, he wayers a skin tight, capsule corp malueable material undershirt. He has detailed hair similar to that of Goku's.


In 1503, upon his return to Earth, Zion wears an outfit very similar to that of the Kia'/, in a color way of burgundy and white. The outfit features a themed design of dragon ball so being located on the garnment.



Zion is a very intelligent teenager in and out of combat. Zion is very elegant and usually serious, being the prince of all . Zion loves to fight, and usually eats up to 20 days worth of food in a single sitting. Zion is also very secretive, having to hide his Saiyan heritage away from his Tuffle people.


Zion is now more a custom to and trusting of Earthling ways. He is a highly manipulative sociopath in a sense, he no longer hides his saiyan heritage and is praise for it back home. He is now a father and husband and has cut back on training significantly in the past year or so. He is a loving family man, who retains his natural, and unnatural instincts and capabilities.


Birth - 1483

Prior to his discovery of the planet Pluto, Bano and his army made an attempt to conquer the planet and the Tuffle people. He failed, after realizing the power of the artificial Tuffles, he decided to act as a superior being. He was seen as some sort of god from space with his advanced technology, with that, he told the Tuffle people that he was an ancient Tuffle god, being as why he was no an artificial Tuffle like them(Baby). He changed his name to Bano, he then chose of the strongest of the Tuffle's females in which he chose an unknown woman. Bano then tricked the woman into coming into his palace, although star struck by the presence of a "god", she was still not willing to give herself up to Bano. Bano decided that he would trick the woman into sex with Illusion magic. The woman went home that day pregnant, and after a month or so, had Zion. Unknowing, the woman and her husband were confused until they had their home seized and they were kidnapped by Bano's men. After taking back his son, Bano had the woman and man executed and all files of them burned. The child had been born with a power-level estimated to be equal to that of Frieza's 3rd Form. The kid was so powerful that Bano then named him after one of his distant Saiyan ancestors, Zion. Zion was the 10th of the Zion name line. 


Growing up, the Tuffle people suspected how Zion had came to be when introduced to the world. Bano told the Tuffle people that he had used his godly powers to conjure up a powerful Tuffle child that would soon become his heir. Zion had been born with a power level above 90% of that of the total population, leaving only a few Tuffle elites above the power of a mere child. At 4, Zion was helping the slaves in the dungeon of the palace when he stumbled upon an old, and weak slave who was very knowledgable. Yawverry. Yawverry told Zion that he had once been leader of the race until he had been enslaved by his father. Zion, being only 4 didn't think much of that, and continued to belive that killing, and conquering was "cool". Yawverry began to train Zion to be a warrior after noticing his power in exchange for extra food. Over time, Yawverry began to take a liking to Zion whose power-leveled and fighting skill had grown extremely by the time he was 9. Upon arriving with a barrel of water, and a box of apples, Zion found Yawverry's cell empty, it had old looking blood but Zion knew it was fresh. He left the palace in haste to find his martial arts teacher, hanged... He asked his father what had happened... His father told Zion that Yawverry had been found sharing the food Zion had brought to him. Zion then told him about the past 5 years, and how he had been learning from him... Zion told the story as he drained tears from his eyes, his father had wondered why he had been growing so greatly in strength. His father then scolded Zion, but seeing the potential in Zion becoming the ultimate war-machine, hired a top-notch Elite Tuffle trainer.

Continuing to Grow


Zion after triumphing over Meln.

From age 9 and beyond, Zion had been being trained by Meln. Meln was an extremely powerful Tuffle. He was strong enough to even be considered beyond Bano himself, and had only agreed to train Zion for the money. Meln who belived Bano to be no god had no fear in being tough on Zion. After 5 years, a 14 year old Zion would have been as strong as Perfect Cell. One day in training, Meln crossed the line as Bano came to inspect the training. As Bano entered and asked on Zion's progression, Meln demanded that Bano leaved. As Bano walked in, he had found Meln standing over Zion with his foot on Zion's chest, having just bested him. Zion's clothes were ripped, and he was really beat up. After asking what Meln had did to his son, and attempting to rid the palace of Meln by force, the now old and partially withering Bano was defeated.  However, little did Meln know, Zion was back to his feet, and was not an ordinary person any more... He was a Super Saiyan! He had reached a level that far surpassed Meln. When Meln realized that Zion was a Saiyan, he threatened to tell the truth about the royal family to the people of the planet but before he could finish his sentence,  Zion had punched and impaled his fist through Meln's stomach, killing him instantly... 

Protecting the Commonwealth

After what seemed to be ages, a mere month had passed since Zion had became a Super Saiyan, however, without traditional training, Zion's progression had stopped and he had to train himself. He had worked everyday to reach and master Super Saiyan, however could not even partially attain the formation for any ammount of time. A day had came where Zion decided to train with his father, his father was 68 and very fragile, Zion would hurt his father with the slightest of punches. After a training session where Zion hadn't exhausted himself even to half the capacity he would training alone, an explosion outbroke in the capital city of Pluto. Zion was told to go to the scene and figure out what had happened, Zion was the strongest person on Pluto, and was publicly recognized as a hero of the planet. When he arrived he usually struck fear into the heart of evil, and sparked a flame in the hearts of those who looked up to him. However today, only half of those things were true. As he arrived at the scene, the crowd cheered as he confronted a small platoon of rebelling  Elite soldiers. Zion was at least 3 times as strong as the highest Elite soldier but when placed in battle with 7 of them, he had his work cut out for him. Everyone watched, believing Zion could end this with ease. Zion had never had an ego, but for the safety of the people, told them to leave and go get help. No one did so, wanting to watch the battle unfold and also put a true test to Zion. He stood uneasy and inspected the soldiers who had all now turned to him. Before he could find the weakness of each soldier, he was rushed and barraged by kicks and punches of all 7 soldiers. He skillfully and swiftly dodged, and or blocked each and every attack, escaping with some room. He blasted at the soldiers who ultimately dodged with ease, however just as the soldiers began to rush him again, Zion's keen eyesight spotted something, the soldiers were wearing elite armor, in which had buttons to deactivate the suits, and immediately deactivate the soldier. They were used as Bano's way of controlling the military, Zion dodged the attackers, and in the heat of the moment, carried enough momentum to swiftly go around and disable each of the 7 soldiers. He floated above as the crowd cheered, but just as they began to cheer, they were hushed at the sight of the 7 soldiers being engulfed in ki and killed. Zion had blasted and killed them as they were helpless to avoid the attack, the crowd had looked in shock and fear, now believing that Zion was not the hero that they had thought him to be.

The Lifeless Hero

Months had passed and Zion continue to help his planet in any way possible, he was seen as an anti-hero by his people and menace by some. He joined up into the military as a member of the Tuffle army but was quickly promoted to general where he then started his own branch of elite Tuffles similar to the marine corps. He was 15, hated by many as he struck fear into the hearts of the world, and now he had his own platoon. A day came where an attack was launched on the king's palace by a small group of Rebels. The rebel group was a small taliban like militia with little followers and were destined to be destroyed, and were. Zion's marines had set up defenses and killed off the rebels. Zion no longer felt satisfaction in killing those who deserved it. He no longer was a patriotic tuffle. He was a lifeless hero. Zion's progression was greatly slowed, even more than it had ever been, this due to him not taking enough damage in battle to receive zenkais, as well as not having time to train, as he was busy handling crime on  Pluto. Although Zion was able to have high tolerence of body strength, he was becoming exhausted and began to mentally become stressed.. He was only 15, and instead of living the life of a Prince, he was demanded to be a war machine for his race's protection, and that was what he was. After he turned 16, Zion had hopes of finally leaving his planet Pluto, however just as he was to launch his secret operation, he was halted, as a foreign extraterrestrial race launched a widespread invasion on Pluto. Zion and his army of only 50,000 at the time, were matched up with foes with militant groups ranging from 50,000 each, and ultimately, reaching an estimate of 1 million troops in total..

Fending Off Thousands

As Zion and his armies were shocked to see the invading forces, they took shelter in underground bunkers. Watching for their chance. The people of Pluto were beginning to lose faith and wonder when they would be saved by their military.. They also wondered had they been killed off... Zion trained each and everyone of his men to be top notched warriors. A month had passed, everything was a secret. Pluto had been taken over by aliens, and the soldiers were ready to strike back. The planet was annexed by 400,000 enemy soldiers, and the tuffles were down to 32,000 due to training related deaths... They launched an assault in the crack of day. Zion led a secret mission through the city of Dawnburgh, the city was quiet and the soldiers un-suspecting... Using their Tuffle abilities, the army darted from cracks, and holes and attacked. Laying simple cuts on the soldiers, only to enter and possess the soldiers. This was the start of the uprising. Zion remained in his own body, simply bearing enemy armor for disguise. As the soldiers returned to the attacking alien's HQ, they reported false attacks, and demanded back up in small farms, and mills around the planet. As hundreds of mills and farms were checked by enemy soldiers, bombs were triggered, causing explosions all across the planet, killing off at least 300,000 soldiers. It was now about 100,000 vs 100,000 due to militia forces picking up arms and helping the soldiers. The soldiers defeated the aliens in a great battle, before storming the palace, slaughtering its leaders, placing Bano and his ruling court back into place.


After Zion became 17, he was then taught by several teachers and taught several techniques. Although not being taught long enough to master any of the abilties, Zion was able to learn and use most of these abilities with ease over time. His first trip was to the South of the Tuffle Capitol city where he was taught by an alien warlord in whom had respected Bano for his past.. He was taught to manipulate Aether energies. Zion was  briefly taught how to manipulate his Great Ape form by an unknown Saiyan, until having his tail removed by his father, Bano in fear for the planet's safety. 

January 9th 1500 - Recon Mission E-24

During the first official role-play, Zion started out on his home planet of Pluto.. There he was preparing to set out on his journey to planet Earth, where he would run a recon mission. Accompanied by 5 Tuffle soldiers, Zion would lead his first mission off Planet Pluto, heading towards Earth for scouting. After arriving outside Earth's atmosphere, Zion and his recon team glides down to Earth. Arriving in South City, Zion's recon team possess, and take control of 5 civilian hosts, after leaving miniscule cuts on their bodies. Once controlled the 6 Tuffles fly off towards Supreme City as they suppress their power. After arriving in SC, the recon team go and investigate a crash site caused by Arkonai, and Daniel Drake... Also within the crater, Jericho. After taking video and photos, they are spotted by Arkonai, where one member then leaves the area to send back feedback. As another ship lands nearby, the crater group seem to be slightly worried about it. The recon team remainds calm, still gathering data. After the new ship then begins to attack the group in the crater, the recon group simply gathers data, stepping back a bit. As the ship began to fire blasts rapidly at everyone, the group scattered, avoiding being hit. As the ship is destroyed, and a Lizard Man... Taze emerges, he reveals that he is a bounty hunter, and begins attacking. With Zion's okay, a member of the team goes at Taze, but is easily destroyed. As the others look in awe, Zion is calm.. Two more attack, and are easily destroyed. As two remained, they are in shock as Zion appears to be getting a kick out of it. The last two recon members attack, and they too fall to the Wrath of Taze. Zion then joined the fight as he states that he brought "the weakest of his soldiers", and although the extreme gravity, powers up. With the spike of his power, he prepares to fight. After kicking Taze, and firing a final flash like attack, Zion reveals his identity after avoiding an attack sent at him by the man. He then threatens Arkonai, as he foreshadows the coming of his people, stating "You shall know my force in time, Peasant". Arkonai then released a Shinra Tensei down upon the city in hopes of defeating Taze. Zion, being in the air already was unaffected, but witnessed the damages. Zion then prepares a machine which could transfer Blutz Waves into his body, but he votes against that. Zion then proceeded to charge a blast, the blast is a small red ball with blue lightning sparking around it. Zion's power spiked as he charges, and readies to blast away. He then uses an afterimage to arrive behind Taze, where he then delivers a swift blast to his back. Taze then counters with his own blast, sending Zion flying. Zion, KO'd about a mile away, is awoken by Arkonai's extremely loud shouting. As this occurs, he rejoins the battle. After Taze began to charge a very big blast, it being the size of a moon, the fighters followed Jericho. Refusing to take orders, Zion flies into the atmosphere where he enters his space ship. Once within, he can hardly walk, but stumbles his way into a healing chamber, where he begins his 1 day healing session. After a significant ammount of time has passed, Zion's healing chamber had successfully healed him... Gaining a power boost, Zion was unaware of its cause, but had felt the power as it coursed his body. As Taze arrived, revealing himself to the other fighters, Zion takes off from his ship, back towards Earth. With his increase, Zion comes crashing down upon Taze with a powerful punch. After Zion and the others destroyed the main plate of Taze's armor, they all then began with a relentless barrage of attacks toward him. After Taze is defeated by the group, Zion states that "the crusades shall commence shortly", before leaving the planet to his ship. Where he then headed back home to give data to the royal palace.

Main Crusade/Conflict

Prince Zion barged into the palace, demanding to know where the president was. Jericho introduced her to him, and tried to calm him down. Zion, not wanting Earth blown up (he wanted to conquer it instead) offered to help them. However, everyone argued. The Kuzlings showed up, having not been on Earth in centuries. Immortal, they learned of KJ's death. The Kuzlings said Prince Zion looked strong, and offered to fight him.

Their top priority being to find the missiles of the Tuffles, they needed a spaceship to go near Pluto. The Kuzlings made a spaceship appear and they all got in it, flying off and looking for the missiles, but President Rune was left on Earth for safety. Luke, Jericho, Arkonai, and Azazel were in the ship with the Kuzlings and Zion. They found out the best way to get rid of a missile would be to go into one, to disarm it. The Kuzlings left in their ship, saluting.

Inside of a missile, it was flashing red and alarms were going off. An illusion happened, the insides becoming a plain where there were wolves. They defeated the wolves but had to go to a lever somewhere in the illusion world, which was in the plains. Suddenly, they ended up in a kids room and were attacked by giant children. The lever was the light switch. They managed to use their strength to flick the giant light switch, and the dimension changed to a forest, where they were separated..

Jericho, Azazel, and Luke tracked down noises to a yellow tiger like creature with a lever in its mouth. The creature ran from them, and disappeared when they caught it. Five more creatures appeared, each with a lever in its mouth. Jericho and Azazel tried getting their levers, but nothing happened. Then, a mammoth version of the creatures appeared, and pounced on Jericho. Jericho pushed its lever, but nothing happened, and Luke stabbed the creatures head. Jericho killed the creature with a Supergun blast down its throat, while Luke slashed at its legs. However, they hadn't got the right one yet. A baby creature appeared, and Jericho pushed its lever.

The illusion changed, but the baby creature stayed, as it was somehow real. It laid up against Jericho's leg, and hid behind him when Zion suggested they kill it. Jericho reasoned that they shouldn't kill it, as it was not producing any more illusions. The creature, strangely no longer had a lever in its mouth. Jericho, Azazel, Zion, and Luke went to the control room. Zion typed in controls in some Tuffle tech. He told everyone to look away, so Jericho looked away. Azazel and Luke asked why. Annoyed, Zion instead liquefied himself and went into the systems. He got out of the systems and reverted to normal, saying they should leave as it would blow up any minute. Zion jumped out and flew through space, then Azazel jumped out. Jericho grabbed the baby creature and escaped, along with Luke. He was surprised he could breathe in space, his body naturally running off of his ki instead of oxygen keeping him alive.

There were 6 more missiles, accompanied by a giant Tuffle ship. Everyone was picked up by a tractor beam and sucked in, ending up in a room. It was a quarantine room. A voice spoke through the ship, saying they were glad Prince Zion had captured the Earthlings responsible for the missile deconstruction. Zion told them it was a plan and to go along with it. He told them to go the engine room, so they went to the engine room, while he wandered off. Jericho and Azazel worked in the engine room, shovelling plutonium, as they were bossed around by the Head Tuffle (who looked like Baby). A fight broke out between two Tuffles, and everyone was beaten and tazed, then went back to work.Prince Zion barged into the palace, demanding to know where the president was. Jericho introduced her to him, and tried to calm him down. Zion, not wanting Earth blown up (he wanted to conquer it instead) offered to help them. However, everyone argued. The Kuzlings showed up, having not been on Earth in centuries. Immortal, they learned of KJ's death. The Kuzlings said Prince Zion looked strong, and offered to fight him.

Their top priority being to find the missiles of the Tuffles, they needed a spaceship to go near Pluto. The Kuzlings made a spaceship appear and they all got in it, flying off and looking for the missiles, but President Rune was left on Earth for safety. Luke, Jericho, Arkonai, and Azazel were in the ship with the Kuzlings and Zion. They found out the best way to get rid of a missile would be to go into one, to disarm it. The Kuzlings left in their ship, saluting.

Inside of a missile, it was flashing red and alarms were going off. An illusion happened, the insides becoming a plain where there were wolves. They defeated the wolves but had to go to a lever somewhere in the illusion world, which was in the plains. Suddenly, they ended up in a kids room and were attacked by giant children. The lever was the light switch. They managed to use their strength to flick the giant light switch, and the dimension changed to a forest, where they were separated..

Jericho, Azazel, and Luke tracked down noises to a yellow tiger like creature with a lever in its mouth. The creature ran from them, and disappeared when they caught it. Five more creatures appeared, each with a lever in its mouth. Jericho and Azazel tried getting their levers, but nothing happened. Then, a mammoth version of the creatures appeared, and pounced on Jericho. Jericho pushed its lever, but nothing happened, and Luke stabbed the creatures head. Jericho killed the creature with a Supergun blast down its throat, while Luke slashed at its legs. However, they hadn't got the right one yet. A baby creature appeared, and Jericho pushed its lever.

The illusion changed, but the baby creature stayed, as it was somehow real. It laid up against Jericho's leg, and hid behind him when Zion suggested they kill it. Jericho reasoned that they shouldn't kill it, as it was not producing any more illusions. The creature, strangely no longer had a lever in its mouth. Jericho, Azazel, Zion, and Luke went to the control room. Zion typed in controls in some Tuffle tech. He told everyone to look away, so Jericho looked away. Azazel and Luke asked why. Annoyed, Zion instead liquefied himself and went into the systems. He got out of the systems and reverted to normal, saying they should leave as it would blow up any minute. Zion jumped out and flew through space, then Azazel jumped out. Jericho grabbed the baby creature and escaped, along with Luke. He was surprised he could breathe in space, his body naturally running off of his ki instead of oxygen keeping him alive.

There were 6 more missiles, accompanied by a giant Tuffle ship. Everyone was picked up by a tractor beam and sucked in, ending up in a room. It was a quarantine room. A voice spoke through the ship, saying they were glad Prince Zion had captured the Earthlings responsible for the missile deconstruction. Zion told them it was a plan and to go along with it. He told them to go the engine room, so they went to the engine room, while he wandered off. Jericho and Azazel worked in the engine room, shovelling plutonium, as they were bossed around by the Head Tuffle (who looked like Baby). A fight broke out between two Tuffles, and everyone was beaten and tazed, then went back to work.

The Earthlings were put in a pit with bulky Martians, and surrounded by a cheering crow as Zion infiltrated his forces and arranged a plan. Jericho and Azazel fought the Martians in a gladiator like tournament, easily defeating them. The baby tiger creature from earlier was in the pit with Jericho and Azazel, and had been bagged along with them earlier. Haw'k entered the arena, and was fought by Jericho, Azazel, and Luke. Haw'k could not defeat Jericho, and powered up, enraged. The arena burst into space, and E'loak stopped Haw'k. Haw'k was impaled from behind by Zion's foot, and died. He then took his foot out of his corpse and was fought by E'loak, who attacked not just Zion, but everyone else.

E'loak destroyed the arena with a full power energy wave. They were fighting in space, and when Jericho was not breathing oxygen, his body ran on ki, so he put on an oxygen mask. He wore the oxygen mask so that his body wouldn't be drained of his ki. He used his Beacon of Destruction attack on E'loak as the tiger creature mauled him. E'loak, damaged, revealed that Zion had disabled 5 of the 6 remaining missiles. They tried reasoning with E'loak, to get him to stop the missile, but it didn't work. Zion left Jericho and Azazel, saying that Earth was done for.

Jericho and Azazel teleported to Earth, trying to stop the missile. The sky was orange as the missile approached. Jericho unleashed Beacon of Destruction x10 on the missile, and Azazel also unleashed an attack. However, it did not hold off the missile. Jericho created a barrier to hold it off, desperately, but it broke through. As it was approaching, Jericho was about to unleash a desperate attack, but it stopped suddenly. An old man had appeared in front of it with his hand out and had stopped it. It was Bano, the Tuffle King. E'loak arrived, with Haw'k, who was alive again. Many Tuffle soldiers flooded out of the missile, attacking Earth. Jericho and Azazel fought them off.

E'loak turned against Bano, wanting to be the new Tuffle ruler. He charged Bano, but was stopped by Zion X, who had arrived on Earth. Zion fought Haw'k, while Bano fought E'loak. Tuffle troops began retreating as Jericho and Azazel slew many of them, and the tiger creature from earlier mauled through lines of them. Jericho then decided he would call the tiger creature "Maul". E'loak defeated Bano, then he and Haw'k both fought Zion. Zion was seemingly killed by a blast, then Jericho, Azazel, and Maul fought E'loak and Haw'k. At Zion's death, Jericho went into an uncontrollable rage, his eyes flashing red and his strength and speed higher than before. Jericho fought against E'loak while Azazel fought Haw'k. Azazel killed Haw'k by slamming a mana ball of hellfire into his chest, eviscerating him.

Jericho grabbed onto E'loak, trying to crush him, while powering up to boost his strength. E'loak's armor was crushed, and he launched a shockwave, sending Jericho off of him. He shed his damaged armor, leaving only his helmet. Jericho used his Beacon of Destruction x10 on E'loak, causing a huge explosion. While they were fighting, Tuffle ships began heading back to Pluto. However, E'loak began to use his powers to move Earth, making space be seen from the surface. He used his powers to move the earth, with everyone still on it. Rocks and dust rose into the air and began to swirl around the atmosphere, forming a giant orb. Jericho and Azazel tried to attack the levitating E'loak, but he had a barrier that stopped them. E'loak transformed into his ultimate form, his helmet ripping off as he grew horns. His power increased and he had no face, just a mouth.

Jericho and Azazel lended their energy to Bano, who was still alive, to do his Spirit Dragon Fist attack. He used the attack to destroy E'loak, but boulders rained down on Earth. Jericho and Azazel stopped the boulders. Bano moved the Earth back to its original place using telekinesis. Azazel asked Bano for training, and Bano gave him a business card, then vanished. Zion had actually survived E'loak's blast and had sacrificed himself as he grabbed onto Eloak to maintain his position, being hit by the spirit dragon fist. After Bano had vanished, Zion closed his eyes, ascending to the Spirit World. It was over, but had just began for Zion's journey.

Otherworld Journey

Upon death, Zion was tasked with crossing snake way. It took about a day, but he did it. He made it from King Yemna and made it to King Kai's planet. Zion spent a week on King Kai's planet where he trained for that time. After his time there, he was then sent to Heaven where he trained with , TatsuZion III, Zion IV, and Zion V. He then went on to Hell to train with the many villains of the past including Dominus, Vernon, Avgerinos. He then went on to the Sacred World of the Kais where he trained with the North, South, West, East and Grand Supreme Kais. He also trained with the most relevant, Zion who sensed his blood within him and taught him a majority of abilities such as a pair of imperfect techniques, Perfect Evolution and Perfect Kaioken. Prior to his training, he was suddenly resurrected, not able to finish his training, he shall some day return and continue to reach his peak level and finish what he had begun.


As King Bano, now allied with Earth arrived to speak with Hannah Rune. He brings up a diplomatic aggreement to use Earth's dragon balls, offering a one way trade agreement in return. She accepts and he uses the dragon balls within a field. He summons Shenron, then wishes for the resurrection of Prince Zion X, who had retained and trained with his body in otherwirld for his heroic sacrifice. Zion gives his father a hug, thanking him greatly.. He then turns and proceeds to take the last two wishes, where he wishes for a surplus of Senzu Beans where he is then granted 100 LBs of Senzu Beans where he then places them within a capsule. He then wishes for a "Time Chamber" like that of Lookout's to appear within the Royal Palace of Pluto. This is granted and Zion and his people now have a personal Hyperbolic Time Chamber where they can now train and grow stronger, vastly increasing their indivisual and strength in numbers.

Battle with Jericho

From Jericho On April 16, 1500, Jericho was on the lookout. To his surprise, Zion X appeared. He knew Zion X had been resurrected, due to Antilles telling him. Jericho had also known about Zion X defeating Antilles' Bio Warriors. Wanting to see Zion's power, Jericho challenged him to a spar. The fight began with Jericho doing the first move, attempting to jab Zion in the face. The attack was dodged, and Jericho deflected a blast with a cross block. Then, he released a kiai and rushed forward, finally hitting Zion with a knife hand strike.

Jericho fought well against base form Zion, managing to hit him with a Kamehameha (though Zion teleported away before it completely engulfed him, but still took damage). Zion then went Super Saiyan and they continued to fight. He increased his Super Saiyan power when he used Kaioken and elbowed Jericho in the jaw, sending him flying. Jericho's cowboy hat was knocked off and it fell on the lookout, but Jericho caught himself before he crashed into the lookout. He then powered up with a white aura, lunging at Zion (who powered down back into his base) with multiple strikes. Zion dodged every one of the strikes. He used his 100 percent muscle usage against Jericho, becoming very buff. 100 percent muscle usage proved to be too slow, and he was hit by Jericho, so he reverted back to normal. After Jericho deflected Zion's lightning attack, they decided to go somewhere else to fight. Not wanting to damage the lookout, they went to fight in a desert wasteland in the west.

As they continued to fight, both powered up to become stronger. Jericho smashed his head against Zion's head, bruising both of their heads. Jericho also ripped off the spurs from his boots to use as boomerangs at Zion, who dodged them. Jericho was hit by Zion's Giant Fist attack, but got up from it after being smashed into a cliff, brushing rocks off of him. His clothes a bit tattered, he tore off his bandana and poncho. Then, he took off his gloves and charged ki in them before striking Zion with multiple energy punches. Zion formed a set of armor and used dual blades to slash at Jericho, who was able to take some of it, due to blocking and making himself more durable by holding large amounts of ki. Jericho's navy blue jacket was tattered and he had scars across his chest and arms, but he launched his Beacon of Destruction attack against Zion, who used armor to protect himself from it. Zion's armored suit separated from him, attacking Jericho so to distract him, so Zion came in and punched Jericho. Zion had transformed into a Super Saiyan.

During the fight, Zion lost an eye, using an ability where he sacrificed it to become super durable for a moment (but eye regeneration would happen and take days). His entire upper body (torso, head, arms) was destroyed by Jericho's Big Bang Kamehameha, and Jericho threw his legs, which were running around. In mid air, Zion regenerated himself back (except for his eye). Jericho powered up further, becoming more muscular, and his shirt ripping off. His eyes flashed white and he had a white aura. He and Zion went to fight in the upper atmosphere.

After a beam struggle, Zion absorbed Jupiter, becoming much stronger. His eye regenerated and he became the size of a giant, the size of a small village. Jericho had used up much of his energy and was very tired, he began to fall towards the Earth. Zion couldn't control his new power, and caught Jericho, preparing to smash him. However, Jericho used the last remaining amount of his energy to launch a Big Bang Kamehameha at Zion, which decapitated him. Jericho then fell back on Earth, landing in Supreme City and making a crater in an intersection...

Zion regenerated his head, then created a new planet to replace Jupiter. He threw a senzu bean down to Earth for Jericho. Reverting from giant size to normal, Zion went to sleep in space, floating.

Jericho ate the senzu bean, recovering. He then flew back to the lookout as he had attracted attention to himself for crashing to Earth like that.

May 28, 1500 - Kolt's arrival

On May 28, 1500, around 2 o clock in the morning, a space pod crash landed in the wilderness outside of Supreme City. Gaven and Dex, two individuals from the city, went to investigate the crater that was the site of the crash. They had thought it was a meteor but Gaven sensed a faint power level from it. A fat trucker drove by and saw the crash site, giving Dex a wrench, which he used to pry open the pod. The trucker then left after the pod was opened. When the pod was open, an injured reptilian man fell out of it. He had bruises all over, was unconscious, and had been bleeding. Dante Anthony Redgrave, a Time Patroller who had met Gaven and Dex, observed the reptilian and the crash site. Dex flew off, thinking that the reptilian had diseases.

Jericho, a friend of Gaven's, came to investigate. He took the reptilians space pod to the lookout, because he didn't want the government to find it. Dante then healed the reptilian back to normal, who then woke up. The reptilian was told he was on Earth. However, he could not recall who he was or anything about his past. Zion X arrived, asking Jericho about the situation. Zion was a Tuffle prince from Pluto, a comrade of Jericho and Gaven. Jericho told the reptilian that his space pod was on the lookout, and the reptilian wanted to know where it was. They all flew to the lookout, with the reptilian looking in the pod for any information. All he found was a first aid kit, but upon closer inspection, the last location he was at was "Station T6." Dante tried to find it with instant transmission, using the reptilians vision, but found nothing. The reptilian said that all he remembered about Station T6 was that it was a military base and something attacked, he didn't know what. He ended up in a meteor shower and after that was a blur---he then ended up on Earth. Needing a temporary name until he could remember his true name, Gaven and Dante suggested names for him. He looked on the internet and found the name "Kolt" from a name generator, so he chose to be called this. Tired and clearly having had a bad experience, Jericho let Kolt stay on the lookout, showing him to his own room. He also let Dante stay as well, who was stuck in a new timeline.

Later that day

Zion had stayed at the Lookout over night, he woke up, having a great night sleep.  He thought "I could get use to this", implying that he may eventually actually move into the Lookout himself. He steps outside to the beating hot sun, as Kolt exits behind him. The two share small talk, Kolt asking for the time, for Zion replied "1:58 PM". Kolt asks about Zion's abilities but he states he has many yet to maste.. Kolt states he doesn't know many of his either then proceeding to destroy a tree. He then went on to begin powering up, showing his strength as the Lookout shakes and everyone watches in awe. Zion, obviously unimpressed blankly stared at the alien. Zion then decides that "Kolt shall make a useful ally".

Zion then turned his attention to Yamato, who then introduces himself. Zion does the same as Kolt demonstrates his strength even further; showing off an ability he would soon dub, "energy hammer". He continued to show off and name his powers and techniques until finally leaving to check out the resturaunts on Earth.

United arc Part 2 - Martin & Seeba

30 May 1500 - After weeks of training, everyone felt ready enough to finally go to Zares and free Martin, facing any troubles on the way. Neki met up with Gaven and Jericho (whose head was newly shaved) in a forest outside the Agents of Justice HQ. As they were on their way to Supreme City, they noticed a roadstop being robbed by KU soldiers on trucks, who were all around Earth due to it being under martial law. They went and stopped them, destroying them, before destroying a giant KU robot as well. It was time to get to Zares, and Gaven suggested stealing a ship from a KU base. Neki said Nikdia had spaceships, and everyone teleported there and back with one, which was disguised to look like a KU ship (black/white) by a painter. Everyone put on KU armor as well. Zion X, Leohart, Yamato, Gaven, Neki, Jericho, and Ronwell blasted off out of Earth on the ship, being stopped a few times and checked by KU ships. They didn't know where Zares was either, so Gaven learned to contact another ship, which sent them a hologram file map. He opened it up on a computer in the ship.


the desert surface of Zares was over 1,000 degrees, not to mention everyone wore giant sweaty suits

Soon they made it to gates outside Zares, a large black and green misty planet. There were ships everywhere leaving and entering and being inspected. There were 2 routes, A and B, for whatever code your ship unit was (none of which they knew). Neki and Gaven were piloting the ship, as Gaven had managed to learn how to contact other ships for help and use most of the functions in a very short time. They guessed and took route A. The surface of Zares was a complete desert at temperatures of 1,000 degrees F. They landed in a military base outside an arab-looking city. They got out, and very soon were assigned duties and numbers by a captain. Gaven was Soldier 74, and sent to Bruma on a wagon to watch natives. Neki was 62, sent underground to guard Martin. Jericho was 34, also sent to guard Martin. Zion and Ron were 22 and 23, sent to Erdma to organize weaponry. Yamato wandered off and they forgot him, so he hung around the city. Neki noticed a figure watching nearby but couldn't make it out in the heat. Soon, Zion and Ron's route was messed up and they ended up in Burma, where they would help Gaven watch Zarean natives behind an electric fence. Neki and Jericho went 5,000 feet underground to a maze bunker where they guarded the door to Martin's chamber. Neki saw a phone and called it, Gaven answering from Burma. Since Gaven, Zion, and Ron were unable to get down there in time, they planned that Neki and Jericho would break Martin out and G/Z/R would meet them at the exit.


the underground bunker maze

Neki and Jericho both attacked the guards in front of the door to Martin's chamber, but it was locked anyway with 700 locks. The password was memorized by guards, so they went around and kept interrogating and killing guards to find it. After none of them obliged, Neki blew down the door with a Big Bang Kamehameha. Martin was unconscious, locked by all 4 limbs to magic chains on a bridge over an abyss that went deep to Zares' core. They couldn't break him out, the chains were Ki-resistant and burnt Jericho's hands.


the room where Martin was being imprisoned

Suddenly, the door locked shut again and the lights went on, and Neki/Jericho began getting pelted by giant sticky black balls that expanded on contact, then white powder rained from the ceiling that burned through Ki. They used barriers, and, with no other options, ripped Martin from the chains, severing his hands and feet. Jericho went into his Devil Bison super form, and blew through the door and escaped the underground bunker. Meanwhile, Gaven was being watched suspiciously by soldiers in Burma. Suddenly the soldiers chased him, after the planet went on lockdown. Him, Zion, and Ron ran across the desert at high speeds being chased by tanks and helicopters shooting at them, back to the city to meet Neki and Jericho at the entrance with unconscious Martin. They got there and were surrounded by thousands of soldiers, a standstill. Suddenly, Jericho bursted out of the exit, blowing all the soldiers back. Everyone ran to the ship they came to Zares in, got in, sealed the door, and got out of there. The planet's core was about to blow.

In space, Neki called forth Nikad to heal Martin and bring back his hands and feet. Everyone had successfully escaped him. Suddenly, the ship ran out of gas, and the backup tanks were deciphered. Then, a small ship pulled up next to them and ciphered some fuel into the ship, then requested entrance. They accepted, connecting a tube to the ship, then a soldier came through the door, taking his helmet off to reveal a long shaggy haired man with stubble. He said he knew they would go there, and had been watching them for months, and was an ally. He was too late to help them escape Martin though. He began piloting the ship, saying that Earth was blocked by a giant Royal ship that contained the Leader of KU's daughter and son, Seeba and Naablu, and maybe even him. He piloted the ship into the bottom of the Royal ship and parked it in a dark underlot, saying they would have to break in, stop the ship's controls, then face the children. Everyone got out, entering the ship through a duct...

Shortly after, the ship fell off and fell into Earth's atmosphere and crushed some KU soldiers in a field. Unknowingly, a fighter named Vergil Redgrave appeared on the ship with them. Martin woke up, confused. Jericho created a portal to the AoJ HQ for Martin so he would be safe. With no time to talk, they continued into a cargo room full of crates and soldiers talking about KU conquests. Gaven instigated an attack, and everyone fought the guards. There were many tanks lying around, with toxic poison, that they threw at each other. One of them exploded and the room had a toxic gas. Jericho used a shockwave to blow it away and they continued on into a giant engine control room, where they fought engineers with long rifles with neon poison. Jericho destroyed an engine with a Big Bang Attack, followed by throwing bodies in the others to stop them, therefore stopping the ship. Everyone voted whether or not to destroy the ship. Gaven said the man was farther ahead and would be killed. Gaven ran ahead after him, pursued by everyone else. They found a cage that overlooked a large royal room where a tall female alien was having her feet rubbed. The room was full of soldiers. They broke through and eliminated the soldiers, who could reanimate.



The alien woman applauded them, beginning to sexually lay on a couch and eat grapes. Her name was Seeba. She proposed a deal for Gaven, Jericho, Zion, Vergil, Neki, and Ronwell to work for KU in exchange for Martin's return. Zion refused strongly. She showed them her male sex slaves, she actually brainwashed. After some small talk, she became annoyed and attacked them with her hair locks. Firing fireballs and shooting lasers, she fiercely avoided most attacks. She attempted to Mindrend Vergil, but was distracted by Jericho cutting her hair with a Destructo Disk. Ron wanted to do an attack on her, and couldn't be mindrended because his mask was on. After everyone used combined attacks and pinned her against the wall, the soldier from earlier dropped from the ceiling and stabbed her in the eyes with knives, blinding her. As she screamed, Ron used his Mirror Mode on her and turned her to stone, then was effectively destroyed with a Kamehameha by Jericho. Tuffle Ships from Pluto had came at the request of Zion, just incase. Suddenly the ship began crashing towards Earth due to engines being off. Vergil grabbed it with giant arms, and launched it into the sun. Everyone then freefalled into Earth's atmosphere. 'I never imagined I would be doing this 6 months ago..' said Gaven, as they tore through the clouds and crash landed in a forest.

After landing, everyone headed for the Agents of Justice HQ to check up on Martin. He came out of the bathroom with a newspaper, after showering. He wanted to leave but it was still too dangerous. He requested a bedroom. Everyone talked. Meanwhile, the soldier landed in a pond only feet away from the secret entrance to the HQ. He requested entry, saying he was an ally. He was let in by Antilles. He revealed his name as Torin. He said he could figure out where Lord Kyrr (leader of KU) and his son could be, by accessing secret KU database schedules. Everyone headed for Torin's apartment in the alleys of Supreme City. There, it was messy and crowdy. He hacked into files and printed out the papers, with Vergil promptly destroying his printer afterwards to avoid being traced. Kyrr would be on Planet Base C-093 on June 2nd at 7pm. Everyone agreed to meet up at his place then, and would go mess with KU soldiers as practice until then. He then asked them to leave, but before Gaven left, he talked to him about the NLC and gave him a key to his apartment to use as a secret HQ.

Part 3 - Kyrr & Naablu


Torin's space car

2 June - Everyone arrived at Torin's apartment to find he was in a parking underlot, dimly lit, working and engineering a car behind a large tarp, his 'garage', with parts everywhere. He was working one of his many spaceships. Neki brought a bag of senzu beans and Yamato showed up. Everyone gathered and Torin said he needed some diesel. Zion headed into the city to a gas station, where he was subdued by KU guards, and ended up getting in a giant inner city fight. Everyone else did too. A KuzDonalds was destroyed and it rained hamburgers for hours. After they were destroyed, Torin used the diesel and everyone got in the car, then blasted off out of Earth, destination: Base C-093. In space, everyone ate fast food, before the car was attacked by KU ships. The car deployed rockets, and Yamato helped destroy them. Torin activated stealth. They soon entered C-093's atmosphere, where they encountered the Royal Forces. Everyone got out of the car and fought them, hopping from ship to ship and countering meteors andm missiles. Gaven broke his arm and was almost killed after being outnumbered, but Torin saved him in his car, and they then headed into C-093. Everyone followed suit.


Base C-093

C-093 was a very icy planet with temperatures of -5000 degrees F (directly opposite of Zares). They landed outside its main city, an icy utopia, infiltrated by KU. They took down soldiers, Torin joining them in giant armor (his only way to help). They interrogated soldiers to find where Kyrr was but none obliged--then they noticed a massive palace in the middle of the city. Jericho went into his Devil Bison form and tried to tear through it but it wouldn't. The palace then suddenly tore off from ground and blasted into space--towards Earth. Everyone, in surprise, then saw under it there was a large road to a large door; an undergrond bunker. They broke through it into large torch-lit halls. East, North, West. Neki and Gaven took east, Zion and Ron took north, and Torin and Jericho took west. North, Zion and Ron came across a dead end, soon discovered to be a giant room full of vicious wolves that attacked them. The wolves then left the room and chased everyone else, before being 'put down'. The floor fell out and a massive serpent shot out and almost ate Zion, shooting into space. Zion and Ron soon found themselves in a large room with everyone else suddenly, one with a throne. A masked figure came out from behind a throne, revealing himself as Lord Kyrr.


Lord Kyrr

Meanwhile on Earth, the massive ice palace landed in Central City, and soldiers ran out infiltrating it, led by Kyrr's son, Naablu. He took over Earth. Deep in the C-093 bunker, Lord Kyrr discussed Kastair United and his leadership. Then, suddenly, he came out with behind his throne with a familiar hostage--Naomi. He held a knife to her neck and threatened everyone if they moved. Zion taunted him to kill her, as she was interfering in the group's affairs. He then showed them President Hanna Rune from Earth, in a cage. He kidnapped both of them a day prior, and was now using them as hostages threatening to kill them. Neki encouraged everyone to move in quickly, and doing so, Kyrr gutted Naomi. After some fighting, he took Naomi and Rune in his arms and retreated down a secret path, then hoping onto a ship waiting for him, then headed to Earth.


Everyone chased him before being tricked by an illusion, and teleported to a random planet, where they freefalled thousands of feet. Torin soon landed, and got everyone to his car ship he had waiting again, and they immediately headed for Earth. Meanwhile, Kyrr arrived outside of Earth and was prepared to destroy it with a Supernova, as it was giving him too much trouble. Everyone confronted him, immediately engaging in combat. Kyrr was successful in evading most things. Naablu threw skyscrapers into space to distract the fighters. Kyrr soon went down into Earth, where he performed fusion with Naablu, becoming...Nakyrr. Nakyrr took everyone on easily. Neki used an Ultimate Rasenshuriken on him, but he evaded, and it destroyed front of the ePalace. Suddenly, the serpent from earlier shot into Earth's atmosphere, Zion ready to kill it, but it landed in the ocean outside SC, its home (it also must've been kidnapped for whatever reason). Neki brought Naomi and Rune (imprisoned on Kyrr's ship) to Nikdia to be healed and dressed.

After intense fighting, Ronwell, angered by Naomi's falling victim, unleashed his true power and transformed into a Super Saiyan 3. Everyone took this as a message saying to use their final attacks. Ron released a True Kamehameha, Zion entered his Dragon Form, Azazel activated Flame Cloak, Gaven used Starlight Cannon and Nexus Eye, and Jericho used Beacon of Destruction x10. Nakyrr took it all, but became overwhelmed, and attempted to escape Earth in his ship. He trailed the entire solar system, being chased by a massive power beam. He landed on Pluto, thinking it was uninhabited, but it actually was home to the Tuffle Kingdom, and Zion was a native. Zion was there and stopped him. Nakyrr prepared to leave, but was immediately hit and incinerated to death by everyone's attacks all the way from Earth, thus ending the leadership of KU. His mask was dropped on the ground, with Ron picking it up for study. Everyone reunited on Earth. Rune, Naomi, and Martin were all successfully saved. They planned to have a recognition and celebration in 2 days.


President Rune

4 June - A massive recognition ceremony was held in front of the ePalace, which was under construction. Martin, Ron, Zion, Gaven, Jericho, Azazel, and Yamato were all recipients of the Blue Star Medal, the highest award on Earth. Gaven requested 3 extra, for Torin, Neki, and Vergil Redgrave, who could not attend (Neki was busy and Torin didn't attend public events, he watched from his apartment). Dex was rewarded a Green Star Medal for helping early on. Jericho asked if he could be Rune's honorary bodyguard, and she accepted. Everyone then went to celebrate at Culinary Medicine, Azazel's resturaunt. Gaven brought Torin's to him, then performed with Unity (whom Yamato offered to promote them multiplanetarily). After the celebration, Jericho restored the Lookout. Everyone then lived peacefully, with the fighters now knowing each other well.

Revenge of the Keepers

Part 1

The date was June 15, 1500...

After an incident where the Keepers of the Oasis, whom revealed their organization name, attacked at the local SC library, Gaven met with Jericho on the lookout. Yamato, Luke Oersted, and Zion X were also there, as well as Azazel. On the news, Lusha Talbot was explaining strange events such as a ritual circle of black cloaked men in the sky. It was the Keepers! Vibrations happened across the Earth and the TV went to static.

Everyone followed to the ritual circle and when they got there, Jericho noticed Kolt was missing and sensed a low power. It was Kolt! He caught Kolt, who was falling. The Keepers had ganged up on him and drained his energy when he tried to fight them. Pierre-René Dupont appeared in his copter and took Kolt to safety while everyone else fought the Keepers. After the Keepers were defeated, Jericho spared one whom he interrogated. A beam of light appeared and the Keeper said that if he wanted to know the truth, he should follow the light. He then vanished. Everyone followed the light, which led to a wasteland. In the wasteland was a cloaked man who was far stronger than the Keepers, who greeted him. He taunted Jericho and called him by his real name, Ben Brookes, also calling him "Benny boy." The man also revealed who Jericho's identity was, then revealed his own identity. The man was Jeb Dunham, who had recently been resurrected.

Jeb fought Jericho and his friends, after sucker punching him and blasting him across the ground. Jericho, Gaven, Zion, Yamato, Azazel, and Luke all fought against Jeb. Everyone had been able to land at least a few hits on Jeb, which did affect him. However, Jeb created a sandstorm and manipulated sand gusts to cut everyone. In the sandstorm, Jeb hid his power level. Luke created his Specium Suit to guard himself from the sandstorm. Yamato sensed Jeb's emotions and guided them northwards through the storm. When Jeb transformed, the storm stopped. In his second form, he overpowered them all until Jericho became a Devil Bison and pinned him down with his horns. Pinned down, everyone's attacks hit Jeb and he reverted to his normal form. He had lost much of his energy and was rapidly aging as he needed more energy. His hair became white and he shriveled up. Jericho killed him by disintegrating him. However, black goo was left behind.

They agreed that the black goo should be analyzed and that it wasn't over as there were still other Keepers out there. They could find clues as to where the Keepers were hiding and what their plans were.

Part 2

Soon after the fight with Jeb Dunham...

Kolt met up with everyone in the desert, having recovered. Jericho, Gaven, Azazel, Yamato, Zion X, and Neki decided to go to the Agents of Justice HQ (along with Kolt). They wanted to have the mysterious goo analyzed.

In the HQ, they came across a bridge after taking the elevator below. On the bridge, the gates opened and they met Antilles face to face. Jericho explained everything and handed the goo over to Antilles. However, Antilles suddenly impaled Jericho with a laser like sword. He revealed that they were foolish for trusting him and that he had been a sleeper agent for the Keepers of the Oasis, the whole time, and had worked with Kastair United. He let Brother Martin go because he wanted to build up trust and to cover up the truth of his intentions. He had also handed the dragon balls over to Kastair United, which was in ruins, but they would use the dragon balls once they were able to.

Jericho transformed into a Devil Bison, regenerating from being impaled. He, along with the others, fought against Antilles. They used some of their notable moves in the fight like Neki's Final Flash and Gaven's Flame Fingers. Other Agents of Justice members, who had gone rogue, helped in the fight but were killed. Antilles eventually created a forcefield that repelled attacks and consumed a special serum while in the forcefield. There was an explosion and the bridge was destroyed, they all fell and flew.

They could no longer sense Antilles, but then he reappeared in the form of a black goo monster. He had transformed and trapped everyone except for Azazel and Yamato in black goo. Azazel and Yamato eventually freed them and they defeated Antilles in a beam clash after powering up and using their combined blasts.

Jericho reverted to his base form and had a breakdown after Antilles was killed, as he thought he had been a friend. He had trusted him, but he was a traitor. Gaven comforted him and calmed him down, then they agreed to go look for records in the HQ that would trace the whereabouts of the Keepers of the Oasis. It still wasn't over...

Part 3

On June 26, 1500, Jericho discovered records. Neki was in the HQ with him, and Gaven also came there to check up on him, as well as Zion. He discovered from Antilles records that Lucius Nash, the mayor of Reno, had cooperated with Kastair United and Antilles. He gave information he had about Jericho to Antilles. Jericho also discovered from records that he was really the host of a demon called Turkun, whom Kastair United had tried to capture and had fought with. This is why he was the natural enemy of Kastair United as well as Antilles and Nash. A figure appeared who introduced himself as Roddy, a descendant ofTommy, one of the Lookout Crew members. They talked for a while and Roddy said that he was a friend of Ron. Kolt took a crow that had a letter to Ron, at Roddy's request, while everyone (except for Roddy) decided to head to Reno. Ron sent the crow, Itachi, to help the crew at Reno. Kolt and Itachi headed to Reno, where the others already were.

Jericho, Neki, Gaven, Zion, Kolt, and Itachi were ambushed by some Keepers in Reno. Azazel appeared and joined in the fight as well, singing while hitting Keepers. When he used lightning, his earpiece was fried. There were seventeen Keepers after a while of fighting, but it all came down to two after Neki and Azazel killed two of the remaining four. Neki finished them off with a Final Kamehameha after powering up as a Super Saiyan.

They barged into the mayors house after Jericho killed the new sheriff with one punch. The sheriff was a normal Human and the only guard that Lucius Nash had left after the Keepers were killed. Lucius was having some fun with prostitutes when they barged in. Jericho fired a hole into a wall with a gun, startling Lucius. The prostitutes fled. Lucius pulled his pants up and he was interrogated. He refused to tell them where the Keepers of the Oasis were until Jericho threatened to shoot him in the crotch. Then Lucius began to talk.

He revealed that the lair of the Keepers was underground Supreme City. When threatened further, he said that the leader of the Keepers was none other than Lusha Talbot, head of the EDI! He was about to take a cyanide pill since he had betrayed KU, but his hand was blasted off by Jericho before he could. When they had gotten enough information and Jericho sensed it was the truth, they were about to leave when Lucius shot him. Jericho deflected the gun blast, it disintegrating Lucius. Jericho told Lucius to rest in shit, then Gaven put Lucius' ashes in a trash can.

They went to Supreme City, finding a speech by Hanna Rune happening. In the palace, they saw Lusha. Time stopped for everyone who wasn't Lusha or the crew. Lusha threatened them saying that if they made another move, Rune would die. She attempted to use a memory eraser but Kolt destroyed it with an eye beam. Neki and the others were trapped in goo, when Neki tried to move. Rune was shot in the stomach and time resumed. Keepers who had appeared changed into guards, and people were panicking.Zion appeared and freed the others from the goo. Lusha blamed the attempted assassination on the crew and opened a portal. Gaven tried healing Rune and then everyone else followed the escaping Lusha into a portal when the crew was about to attack her. In the portal, they fought off Keepers.

Part 3.5

They all arrived underground, in the lair of the Keepers of the Oasis. The Keepers were guarding the dragon balls which were stone and temporarily useless. A portal had opened up in the lair, it was the Oasis. The Oasis was what the Keepers used to resurrect people more powerful than ever. Lusha, the leader of the Keepers, became intangible and concentrated power while everyone took care of the Keepers. Eventually, Jericho, Zion X, Kolt, Azazel,Itachi, and Gaven fought creatures called Ultramen after defeating the Keepers. The Ultramen were black slime creatures from the Oasis, who kept coming at them. They were from the Realm of Rebirth, which had spawned the resurrected Jeb Dunham. They managed to destroy the Oasis with their strongest blasts after holding off the Ultramen the moment they spawned. The explosion from destroying the Oasis destroyed the lair, there was no ceiling anymore.

They got up from rubble and were attacked by Lusha. Lusha transformed, powering up with the black goo and shot a death ball like attack at them which they all had to counter or they were history. Eventually, Ron arrived and distracted Lusha, punching her. Gaven's lassoes also distracted her. Her blast was held back against her and she lost momentum, being destroyed!

Jericho found the four, three, and two star dragon balls in the rubble. He took them back to the lookout. Kolt and Gaven found the other dragon balls.

Lookout II RP Movie: Curse of Tchayk

It was July 1st when Zion was in a meeting with Pluto's elite, he then suddenly felt the urge of attack. He felt the urge to attack, and kill everyone in the room.. He stood and stormed out, heading to Earth; the lookout more specific. He left every other in the room in awe as their prince stormed out with no reason.


1 July 1500. The fighters of the Neo Lookout Crew are going about their normal things; training, performing, sleeping. An announcement comes on national Earth TV by President Hanna Rune about reviving the Hope Special Forces. Following is a breaking newscast from Planet Scorn, where people are running in terror because the planet appears to be disappearing, along with its people and buildings. Everyone gradually gathers up on the Lookout; Suzumiya Aika, Gaven, Kolt, Jericho, and Zion X. Torin is there, and says everyone should go check it out. Everyone except Jericho (who is busy repairing the Agents of Justice HQ) head off to Scorn in his sport car spaceship. They arrive on a almost-transparent blue planet, with people screaming and running around. Gaven and Kolt save the King in his palace. They scour the planet and an old man says he saw a figure with a wand fly by earlier. The NLC then sees a trail of sparkles in the sky, and they follow it. They fire blasts and attack the end of it, where there appears to be an invisible figure. After being hit with enough ki, it shows itself as a hooded mage with a wand.



The invisible mage evades them, firing magic shockwaves and blasts. They keep trying to catch him, eventually annoying him enough to manifest and attack everyone. "The rift..." he says several times, as the planet keeps fading away slowly. After a small run in on him, the entire planet is sucked into a portal and everyone is in space. He then blasts off to another planet, which he begins using his wand on to make it disappear. After everyone attacks him again, Tchayk finally reveals himself. He is an evil wizard and dark mage from eons ago, once a student at Nu Del University, who was kicked out and sealed away in 'Dimension Z', a place of great suffering, for doing evil experiments on life. He has regained power and escaped by absorbing planets/life into 'the Rift', a magic network. Following this, Tchayk put everyone under a restrictions spell, using floating symbols to fire different attacks at them. Aika and Kolt successfully were able to damage him slightly, before he disappeared and a black portal opened, sending millions of magic anomalies attacking the NLC, while the rest shot off to other planets in the galaxy, wrecking havoc and stealing power from them, causing them to disappear into Dimension Z and feed Tchayk's power. Azazel showed up, and everyone made their way to Earth to save it--he followed suit to stop them.


On Earth, Tchayk had several encounters with them as they tried to destroy the anomalies. Zion remembered in a flashback he showed them, the mage that sealed him had a scroll. Azazel pointed him towards Nu Del, in the forests, where he went off to, meeting David Vafer at the front door, who gave him the scroll--Scroll Z. Kolt fought Tchayk and was able to knock the wand out of his hand with a Final Flash, but Tchayk suddenly froze time and stole it back. He then opened up the Rift, and Earth began fading away. Jericho joined the fight. Gaven tried to use a Starlight Cannon on Tchayk, but he froze time again and redirected it, blowing Gaven into a hill and breaking his leg. Zion returned with the scroll, but trying to use it, Tchayk froze time, stole it, and burned it. Meanwhile, Torin was in Nu Del scouring for the real Scroll Z. Tchayk continues to attack everyone with anomalies, powering into a Paralax state of perfect magical balance.


Arachne's Goblet, the main power source of the Rift..

Torin arrives in his ship, with several other mages with him. They gathered around the battlefield, raising their arms, as Torin opened the scroll and prepared to perform the ritual. Tchayk attempted to kill him but failed, followed by him leaving several curses and hexes on the planet.

Aika fires a massively charged beam at him from above, while he is locked in a barrier from the scrolls. He tries to take on the blast but is badly damaged, before suddenly Ronwell Nagales shoots out of no where landing a One Punch on him, throwing him far and causing him to drop his wand, of which the top piece comes off--the Arachne's Goblet, full of dark magic that causes things to disappear into the Rift. Ron then dumps the goblet on Tchayk, who melts and is ended, leaving only his cursed robes. The mages from Nu Del take the robes to study and purify them. much to Zion's discontent. The Rift is now closed and Tchayk is vanquished..

Children of Ultimecia

Electoral Primaries are underway in July 1500. Dysley has already gained a great lead, with Bishop and Rune trailing far behind. At the same time an interview is held at the SCNN Studio with Gaven McCoy and Zion X, talking about their lives. The most stand out questions being those questioning Aika. Is she to be trusted, is she a threat? These questions linger in the minds of others regarding her failure to prevent collateral.

LookoutCup 1500 Round 1 - Zion X vs Moros!

During the 1500 LookoutCup, Zion was matched up with Moros. During the early stages of the match, it seemed evenly matched with Zion reaching his peak in power. In the end, he was outmatched heavily by the edurance and raw strength of Moros. Zion proceeded to give up, as he had realized that further fighting would only result in his loss. 

1500 - 1503 Timeskip

During the 3 year gap after the revenge of the keepers arc, Zion took a break from fighting. He stayed in contact with the people of Earth, participating in petty fights here and there. Zion decided to emphasize meditation and travel. He became Pluto's ambassador, steps closer to becoming King. Zion was great at his job, increasing foreign relations and calling for the construction of intergalactic embassies on planet such as Earth.

Zion was on a peace mission on an uncharted planet.. He met and befriended the princess of this planet. Mirai was her name, and she was a Very interesting person who took a liking to Zion and vice versa. Zion began visiting this planet commonly, enjoying "sleep overs" with the princess. One night, Zion had arrived to see his mistress and he stumbled upon the royal palace a flame.. Revolutionaries had revolted against Mirai's father, and had taken her hostage.. Zion hadn't fought nor trained in months, but he was ready...

Zion sprung into action, charging into the burning palace where he checked the tens of rooms.. He saved the lives of the royal family.. All but Mirai. He charges back in fearlessly where he found no sign of Mirai.. In rage, and frustration he exited and began questioning the king. He told Zion the story and he became angry, attacking the king due to it being his fault. Revolutionaries then arrive.. Zion in a dead state; begins an ruthless onslaught of murder on the revolutionaries.. Killing thousands in his rage filled Susanoo form.. After an entire night of murder Zion returned to the king.. The king let off a sigh and gave a "Thank you" but before he could get anything else out, he was struck down by Zion. Zion proceeded to ruthlessly kill the royal family, for they had all been evil and deserved nothing but death.. Zion agreed with the revolutionaries, but killed them in rage..

Zion exits the planet and looks down from space at the burning planet filled with death. Once a prosperous planet ruled by a dictator; now nothing more than a rock. Zion returned to Pluto... To his surprise, in his chamber stood Mirai.. She thanked him for what he had done, informing him that she ran away during the revolution; she had been treated badly by her family for her whole life, and they were planning on auctioning her off to be someone's wife. Zion ignored this all, and in his shock and excitement hugged her.. They enjoyed their night..

Zion married her months later, where he then impregnated her. They now live in the Royal Palace of Pluto.

Zion X TS Training Gi
Zion, although having promised his wife he would cease to fight, began back his training a mere month before the dawn of year 1503, getting back into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, as well as training in extreme conditions, and sparring with Tuffle soldiers. He went on to learn many more abilities and techniques from his father, friends, and even his ancestors within Otherworld.

Natural Abilities & Powers

Natural & Racial Abilities

Body Manipulation, Liquefaction, and Regeneration

Although Zion is very adept at this ability, his half heritage allows him to use this ability.. Being able to liquefying his body and shape his malleable body and can form different shapes


Although Zion has yet to master, his half heritage allows him to use this ability. He will liquefy himself in order to enter through a cut or scrape in his target's skin. Although he has some strength of his own, his combat abilities are best suited to exploiting the full potential of a host body.


Saiyan's possess a genetic trait that allows their power to increase substantially after recovering from near fatal injuries. This trait is not exclusive to pure-blooded Saiyans like the lack of hair growth is, as even clones with partial Saiyan genetic data have this ability as well.

Great Ape

Great Ape (大猿, Ōzaru; lit. "Great Monkey") is a giant, monkey-like creature that Saiyans can transform into at the full moon to increase their gigantic strength. Zion at one point was able to transform into a great ape, but no longer can by normal means, meaning he has no tail. However with the usage of Blutz waves, Zion will be able to do so with ease.

Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan (超サイヤ人) is an advanced transformation assumed by extraordinarily powerful members of the Saiyan race, Zion has used this technique one time when fighting Meln and has worked to unlock the technique again however cannot do so as the Super Saiyan transformation comes in response to a need, not a desire.

Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 2 (超サイヤ人 ツー, Sūpā Saiya-jin Tsū) is the direct successor to the first Super Saiyan transformation. It is very similar to the original form in appearance and attainment; however, the power output is far greater, as speed, strength, and energy output all drastically increase. Zion unlocks this form mid way through the United Arc.

Perfected Super Saiyan

The Perfected Super Saiyan or Final Stage Super Saiyan is a newly discovered form, only unlocked when the perfect balance of 'Natural Energy' and 'Ki' become one within the user's balance. Failure to create perfect balance will produce a form similar to that of a failed fusion, however simply giving the user noticeable deformities, markings and only a slight buff. This can range from Semi-Perfect, to Imperfect, Perfect only being unlocked and mastered with years of training. The form was unlocked by Zion X in the form of Semi Perfect, giving Zion the same buff as a normal Super Saiyan with absolutely no difference in appearance from a normal super Saiyan besides the deformation.

The Nightstalker


The Nightstalker form is a complete manifestation of Chthonian Element, or Nether. In this form, Zion has manipulation of Nether; being able to create it, shape it, and absorb it. Despite being often considered "Death-Force" Nether is more than the source of what drains life away from living things, it is the destructive aspect of reality, the source and very concept of entropy and destruction, disasters and all degeneration in matter, energy and concepts. Like Aether, Nether is a Spiritual Element, which means it cannot be perceived by any physical sense. The only way Nether can be seen is if it were mixed with an Element of the Physical Realm, most often by Zion, Darkness or even fire. In this form Zion is a black cloaked warrior. He gains a nether-blade, which is a black, obsidian-like dagger powered with it. In this form, Zion gains a Damage Affinity, becoming stronger, faster, more durable as he receives damage from his opponents and environment but not by himself. This goes for physical damage, mental damage or soul damage.

The Harbinger


The Harbinger form is a complete manifestation of Celestial Element, or Aether. In this form, Zion has manipulation of Aether; being able to create it, shape it, and absorb it. Despite its title as "Life-Force", Aether encompasses more than the essence of living things. Users of this power will realize that Aether exists in Elemental, Cosmic, and Spiritual forces. This is also proven by the Kybalion's entries. According to the texts, there are at least three levels of both matter and energy each with Aether at the middle. In this form, Zion becomes a warrior in shining golden armor, armed with a golden sword powered with an extremely potent dose of Aether energy. In this form, Zion gains a Damage Affinity, becoming stronger, faster, more durable as he receives damage from his opponents and environment but not by himself. This goes for physical damage, mental damage or soul damage.

The Oversear

Dragon Stage

In other world Zion had the privilege to train and learn from a student of his grandfather's from hundreds of years prior. From him, he learned to unlock and hone all 9'base dragon stages at his own level and is working to gain the mast forms. Unlike the warriors of the past's 1 million times base multiplier, Zion only has a 100 base multiplier as he has not fully achieved mastery of the techniques. Zion can use partial states of these transformations gaining weaker abilities of the stages in his normal form. 

Earth Dragon Stage is one of the nine dragon stages. This Dragon is for beings who have a rocky personality the dragon prefers to be cool and smooth although it tends to relax alot it can be powerful and reckless at times.If you don't match with any of this this dragon is not for you. Earth Dragon Stage has two levels the second level is Continental Dragon Stage far more powerful than the previous.

Life Dragon Stage is one of the nine dragon stages. This Dragon is for beings who have a caring personality the dragon prefers to be with a person who wants to support any heal people. This dragon is preferliby for healing but still can pack a blast.if the requirements don't match this dragon is not for you. Life Dragon Stage has two levels the second stage is called:Healer Nurse Life Dragon although it is pink it can heal faster and is more powerful.

Fire Dragon Stage (AKA:Red Dragon Stage) is one of the nine dragon stages. This Dragon is for beings who have a firey personality the dragon prefers to a hot climate and is grumpy and angry most of the time. This Dragon stage is high on attack, this dragon has a second stage:Lava Dragon Stage it can practically melt your opponent the user must be used to the volcanic heat. The Dragon has a third stage named Volcanic Lava Dragon Stage 300x stronger than previous forms. If any of these requirements don't match this dragon is not for you.

Water Dragon Stage (AKA:Blue Dragon Stage) is one of the nine dragon stages. This Dragon is for beings who have a cool personality the dragon prefers a cool climate and is calm most of the time but it can burst out in anger if enraged. This Dragon stage is high on defense, it has a second stage: Ice Dragon Stage which has more defense. The dragon's third stage it has more defense but strong aswell.

Electric Dragon Stage(AKA:Purple Dragon Stage) is one of the nine dragon stages. This Dragon is for beings who have a electrifying personality the dragon prefers a riged climate and is jagged most of the time but it has burst of power. the Dragon stage is high on ki, it has a second stage:Shock Electric Dragon Stage. The third level is Thunder Fall Dragon Stage. If the requirements don't match this is not the dragon for you.

Wind Dragon Stage is one of the nine dragon stages. This Dragon is for beings who have a windy personality the dragon prefers a oxygenal climate and is torrental most of the time but can gust away five planets at once. the dragon is high on absorbing power. it has a second stage Cyclone Windy Dragon Stage which is automatically 300x stronger. If you do not meet the requirements this dragon is not for you.

Ying/Yang Dragon Stage is two of the nine dragon stages. These Dragons are for beings who have opposite thoughts one for light one for darkness. Unlike the other dragons this stage requires a partner the partner must have opposite thoughts of yours one holds Darkness other holds Light. These Dragons have a second stage although the dragons already have a base power of 300 the second stages have a base power of 600x they are: Terravoltic Ying Dragon Stage, and Turboblaze Yang Dragon Stage. If requirements don't match this dragon is not for you.

Colossal Dragon Stage is one of the nine dragon stages and is the second most strongest basic dragon stage. This dragon requires a being who focuses at one thing at a time. You have to be a person who are yourself not a person who acts like another if you are not that person you this dragon cannot trust you. It does not need a second stage because it is 900x base power.

Golden Dragon Stage is one of the nine dragon stages and is the most strongest basic dragon stage This dragon requires all dragons unlocked and all stages and special move used and unlocked also you must have a "Golden Heart" and a "Shining Silver Spirit" if not you cannot trust it and it cannot trust you it has a 2300x base power.

The Wicked Dragon God Stage is the Shadow Dragon God Stage. It is automatically stronger than any of the basic dragon stages. It requires all dragon stages including Golden Dragon Stage unlocked and Yin/Yang Dragon at Full Power and can drain all of Zion's ki away with usage within the minutes. Zion definitely cannot control and harness all of this transformation's awesome power, and likely never will be able to.


Like most ki users, Zion can use his ki controlling abilities to fly a very high rates of speed. Being able to cover mileage around Pluto in minutes. Flight is a natural ability of Zion as he was able to fly and levitate as a newborn child without control.


A Kiai is a technique where the user affects the air currents around him with Ki to produce powerful shockwaves in order to strike the opponent. Zion can do this to a degree where it can even slightly move tectonic plates, causing minor non-damaging earthquakes as well as using it to send even small homes out of place at his absolute max.


Kaio-ken (界王拳; lit. "Fist of the World King" or "World King Fist") is a fighting technique that multiplies the user's ki for a "heart beat", enabling them to inflict serious damage to opponents who are considerably stronger than them. Zion is very intermediate with the technique and knows it due to the natural trait being of having high stress tolerance was passed down by , and was taught the technique by a revived Tuffle warrior from otherworld.

Perfect Kaioken

Perfect Kaioken is a powerful variant of the Kaioken form which has been created by Zion I. The Perfect Kaioken is a variant that drains significant life force only if pushed beyond its limits. At normal means, Perfect Kaioken gives the user a multiplier of 2 times, their opponent's current multiplier is. Aside from the multiplier, Perfect Kaioken comes in 2 sub-variants. One to increase speed, this is the primary form used by Zion seeing as his raw strength is already at massive numbers. In the speed variant, Zion X's speed is multiplied by 7 times his base speed. The strength variant is a form that increases his base strength by 7 times, however, this form is lightly used by Zion as it slows him down by 2x, despite the large increase in raw power.

Perfect Evolution

Although his Perfect Evolution form is more of an imperfect form, when is otherworld, Zion X learned this technique from his grandfather Zion. Like complete form and Ultimate Evolution, Perfect Evolution is the absolute peak of Zion's inner power. The form is meant to completely balance Zion's key attributes in battle. However when in this form, Zion can only be killed. Although his body can be injured, Zion cannot feel pain within this form, and can also not be knocked out. The form can be kept for only 5 minutes, losing power over the time of usage. Zion's abilities cannot be mimiced, nor mirrored to any extent, nor can he be controlled by any means necessary. When in this form, all of Zion's transformations can be layered upon this form, and themselves. This meaning, Zion can potentially enter his Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, 4, and beyond all together. Ultimately multiplying each of his multipliers by each other. It is also notable to state that when within this form, Zion's voice can shatter masses up to the size of giant boulders.

Power Level

Zion's power level is an unmeasurable feat to go with his many abilities and skills, it being an ever growing enigma, being added on to with everything absorbed and "eaten". Defined answer, "infinite". After training, Zion's base, or normal form is now great enough in power for him to depend on it more often than standard Super Saiyan transformations.

Advanced Regenerative Healing Factor

Although Zion possesses great regeneration from his Tuffle blood, he also has progressive healing over the course of time, being very effective when ki levels are low. Minor to moderate wounds heal near-instantaneously, to the point of as though they never happened, as lost limbs and internal organs may be completely regenerated at Zion's will, or simply completely regenerated over the course of time with Zion's normal healing factor. Zion also has a disease immunity to high ranking diseases such as even Cancer.

Supernatural Condition

Zion is glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally superior over his race because of his capabilities being pushed beyond the natural level; making him immensely stronger, faster, durable and smarter than normal members of his race species and can achieve by any method of training and remain that way with little or no maintaining.

100% Muscle Usage

Zion is able to completely use every muscle in his body while under normal conditions most humanoids can use only 30 percent.

Supernaturally Dense Tissue

Zion's physical body-tissue, skin, muscles, bones, etc. is extremely dense/solid, allowing him to withstand harmful strains on the body such as crushing weights, impacts, pressures, changes in temperature, etc. He can gain enhanced levels of strength and stamina, this is possible because of how hard his body has become, allowing him to resist tearing a muscle and/or his bones shattering easily.

Advanced Gravitation Adaption

Zion is able to survive and adapt to both high, low or no gravity without the normal effects caused by the high gravity or weightlessness on body, both instantaneous and/or short/long term. This includes ability to move/react normally in non-standard gravity and avoid various physiological problems he can cause.


Zion is very fast in and out of combat. Zion can fly around Pluto all the way around in under 10 minutes. Zion can run and dash at very high speeds, once being seen breaking the sound barrier with his super sonic speeds on foot. In battle, Zion uses his enhanced senses and reflexes in addition to his fast natural speed to avoid, deflect and counter attacks, and even use his speed to dish out damage himself.


Zion is a very strong fighter, although he seems to be far more of a tactical fighter than anything. Zion has the ability to carry multiple Tuffle military grade ships loaded onto his back by chains at high speeds on foot, and was even able to carry full cargo ships around the entirety of Pluto while flying. Zion's strength most likely can place giant sized cracks into tectonic plates, causing faults into planets. 

Enhanced Senses, Reflexes, and Keen Eyesights

Zion is able to sense incoming attacks as they come at him by mentally slowing time down in his eyes, his reflexes allow him to send brain waves to his brain at an instant and use his body to skillfully dodge most incoming attacks. Zion's eyesight also allows him to see for up to 10 miles with animal instictive-like senses, in addition, Zion can also smell for up to 10 miles in all directions, and even make out certain smells like a dog. 

Burning Will

Zion has an unstoppable determination and strength of will which makes him an extremely formidable opponent. This makes him able to function while tolerating massive amounts of physical pain, and also allows him to resist most telepathy or mind control.

Tactical Analysis

Zion, being a great general can create strategies and plans several steps ahead of the opponent seeming like the he can see into the future. He is able to elaborate complex plans and strategies and apply them in not just in battle but any other activity that involves cunning intellect.

Danger Intuition

Zion can sense nearing dangers and sense unwanted or hectic threats to his well-being, acute danger, potential immediate danger, evade danger, and impending danger. The intuition usually regards himself, but may include his surroundings

Power Inheritance

Zion has inherited the Physiology of a Demigod from far in his family tree all the way to his ancestors, God of Judgement . As well as Demigod Physiology, he also inherited Ethereal Physiology from gaining a brief grasp with the Aether. Although Zion can only do so with the use of potions, Zion can transform his body completely into pure "Ether", a substance that pervades all Universal Space. This material is found in "The Plane of Ethereal substances".

Complete Balance

Although he is still currently just studying to master the ability to Balance his Yin and Yang, Zion has made an attempt resulting in partial balance within Zion's body, although he is not able to mix the two energy forms without damaging his own's well being.

Weapons & Items

The Sword of Judgmental Blaze

The Sword of Judgmental Blaze or the sword of Zion I; the current god of judgement's sword comes in a sealed form, which usually takes the appearance of a harmless wooden staff, which can be used like a spear. At any time, Zion can remove this disguise by peeling off the wood, revealing its true form of a standard katana, with a dark purple handle and a circular hand guard. The release of Zion's sword comes with an extreme release of spiritual pressure, affecting all in the area, and can be felt for miles upon lightyears across all of the current galaxy. When released, the blade is engulfed in fire. The aura of this weapon disintegrates most materials with a wave of the sword from Zion, changing it into nothing more than ash, and engulfs the surrounding landscape in a blazing firestorm, the heat of which is intense enough to scorch a small portion of time and space. One of the sword's techniques create an immense wall of flame, which surrounds the target and forms a huge contained sphere of flame in which to imprison enemies. Another technique allows Zion to create a great inferno with a simple wave. The fire generated by the attack completely consumes whatever is caught within it, until nothing remains, but ashes. The flames created by the sword can be controlled, with great precision, by Zion to attack only the targets he chooses, and he has power over the intensity of the flames. 99% of the power from this sword is sealed within itself, having been upon Zion X receiving the weapon from Zion.

Powers & Techniques


Tsufuruai or The Eyes the Tuffles is a legendary power feared across the Milky way galaxy by many. The ability alters the user's eyes giving them enhanced sight and senses, even giving the user the ability to correctly predict movements by a time of 3 seconds. The ability gives the user enhanced speed and strength as well as endurance. Zion has a special case where his right eye enhanced speed and strength and is used for attacking while his left increases resistance, endurance and perception for defensive usage.

Gravity Manipulation

Zion can create, shape and manipulate gravitation, gravitons, and hypothetical elementary particles that mediate the force of gravitation.


Will-o-wisp produces black or blue flames at Zion's will. In most situations, this makes fire impossible to avoid. However, if the target can move fast enough to prevent being focused on, it will miss them when it's cast. Once created, it can continue burning for an hour if made to do so by Zion. The flames cannot be extinguished with water or any other normal methods if Zion doesn't want it to be.

Body of One-Thousand Arms

This technique is based on Zion's technique, "The Body of Centillion Arms", in this form Zion becomes a titanic, durable statue of an unknown material which easily dwarfs an apartment building in size. Hundreds of hands originate from the statue's back in hundreds of concentric rows, while its two main hands are clasped, as if in prayer. The humanoid part of the statue can also detach its main self from its main arsenal to increase its mobility to adapt to a situation that requires more speed than it already has. When in its normal statue form, Zion's statue can delivers thousands of tectonic plate obliterating blows from each of its Thousand arms within the spand of a single second.

Magic Materialization

Zion can create items like clothing out of thin air. He can materialize weapons, items and more at will in a poof.

Hyper Bombs

Hyper bombs are small orb shaped bombs formed from Zion's magic materialization. When the orbs rupture, they releases a cloud of trillions of microscopic bombs that enter the bloodstream of anyone who comes into contact with them. On Zion's command, the micro-bombs' detonation causes the victims' bodies to disintegrate at the cellular level; literally turning them into dust, thus rendering any regeneration useless.

Aura Manipulation

Zion with the usage of Tsufuruai is able to control and bind his ki into a hard ethereal construct. Often bending it into an armor suited beast, having four arms and 9 tails, this aura surrounds his entire body. With this, he creates dual swords of the same substance.

Zion X's Aura Manipulation

Chi Manipulation

Zion can create, shape and manipulate Chi to gain superhuman capabilities by learning to harness, which can be used in cases of extreme combat. He is able to physically manifest all of his inner strength and unleash it to the fullest extent of its power through shear force of will. He can achieve extraordinary strength, speed, durability, and reflexes. In some cases, it is used for super awareness, energy blasts, elemental manipulation, and sometimes temporary invulnerability.

Elemental Manipulation 

Although he has not completely mastered it, Zion has an intermediate understanding of 'bending' all four elements to his will. This including the use of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Zion can also manipulate alternative elements such as Ice, Sand, Lava, Metal, Lightning. Zion can use Suns(stars), Moons(cosmic energy), Planets, and Oxegyn as automatic sources to manipulating these said elements in battle. 

Life-Force Manipulation

Zion can sense, generate and manipulate the fundamental force that allows life to appear, exist, grow and flourish throughout the universe. He is able to control their own personal life-force that dwells within him, allowing him to achieve untold power and great abilities considered to be beyond that of normal beings.


Zion is a novice spell caster when it comes to healing living things. Although Zion isn't great at controlling this healing ability, the specific ability he was taught by Meln before his death actually is a great healing ability. This form of healing can heal living things down to a molecular level at its maximum strength. Although Zion can only use his healing abilities to heal small wounds, and does not give Saiyan's a Zenkai boost.

Absolute Defense Manipulation

Absolute Defense is when a user possesses a defense that cannot be breached by any attack, giving them protection from all attacks, regardless of types, magnitude and directions. In Zion's case, he can use a mixture of his elemental manipulations to create a temporary near impenetrable barrier that can be broken, cracked, or completely shattered by attacks of outstanding magnitude. However, Zion's ultimate defense involves creating a barrier around himself which can negate any and every form of damage at the cost of an eye, not being able to regenerate this eye for days, he can also only do this for his left eye. His right eye is used for offensive attacking while his left for defensive techniques such as this.

Aether Manipulation

In his runway through learning from several alien teachers,  Zion was taught a very minor form of Aether Manipulation. With this coming, unwilling Divination, allowing Zion to have sudden flash forwards to the future when in his sleep, and sometimes at random. Another feat given would be a small ammount of Telekinesis allowing him to move small objects with his mind. Zion has a very very faint grasp at Subjective Reality allowing him to warp the boundary between fantasy and reality, making use for great in battle illusions. Zion can use a small ammount of Aether Aura, allowing him to release and surround himself with 'aether' for defensive and/or offensive purposes, rendering him untouchable by weaker foes, and increasing defensive attributes against strong opponents. Zion can also create Ethereal Constructs, giving him the ability to create near-indestructible, otherworldly constructs out of a substance which acts as both Matter and Energy, but at the same time being neither one.

Zion can also use a small ammount of Celestial Manipulation, letting him create, shape and manipulate the skies and cosmos with heavenly influence, including all the aspects of the astrological, divine, elemental, mythical and cosmic powers. Astral Manipulation is also given to Zion after learning to manipulate the Aether slightly, letting him create, manipulate, shape, transform astral energy, however not allowing him to travel to the astral plane and interact there. He can however see spirits, making spirits visible to others, astral trapping and potentially harming the dead. Zion can use this ability to absorb and use the astral, and celestial powers to increase his own, this evident by him absorbing the gaseous substances that make up Jupiter to increase his power drastically against Jericho, although he cannot maintain all of that power absorbed for long amounts of time. Zion is able to use this ability to a greater extent in his Harbinger form.

Nether Manipulation

Zion has manipulation of Nether; being able to create it, shape it, and absorb it. Despite being often considered "Death-Force" Nether is more than the source of what drains life away from living things, it is the destructive aspect of reality, the source and very concept of entropy and destruction, disasters and all degeneration in matter, energy and concepts. Like Aether, Nether is a Spiritual Element, which means it cannot be perceived by any physical sense. The only way Nether can be seen is if it were mixed with an Element of the Physical Realm, most often by Zion, Darkness or even fire. He has far more control when in his Nightstalker form.


Ice Magic

Ice Magic comes in a variety of spells, being able to slow down opponents when hitting them, and be used on Zion himself to increase his defense.

Fire Magic

Fire Magic can be used and manipulated into spells to burning damage that damages the opponent and slowly drains their energy, may it be ki, chakra, mana and even electrolytes. Zion can use it on himself to help generate even more energy/=.

Water Magic

Zion uses Water Magic to heal himself or heal others, and can even be used to damage opponents through massive waves off water.

Earth Magic

Earth or Nature Magic is used to do great damage to enemies as well as increase Zion's defense.

Wind Magic

Wind magic can be used to damage opponents, deflect attacks, and send people away as well as used on Zion to increase his speed.

Electric Magic

Electric Magic can be used to damage opponents, and can be used on Zion to increase his own physical and energy damage input.


Advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat

Zion is advanced greatly in hand-to-hand combat, having mastered several forms of martial arts including, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Muay Thai, Dragon Style Kung Fu, Boxing, Jujitsu, Ninjitsu and Capoeira. Zion with great skill can use and bind elements of magic into his physical attacks, greatly enhancing them.


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