This article, Zion (End), is a Role-Play article.

This article, Zion (End), is a Role-Play article.

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This is Zion in the end, after the and .

Alliance Info


  • (Best Friend)
  • (Good Friend)
  • Mars (Friend)
  • (Friend)
  • T.O.A.A. (Good Friend)
  • Harmony (Friend)
  • DJ (Rival/Friend)
  • (Friend/Personal Blacksmith)

Transformations (and Power Levels)

  • 220px-Killer at the New World

    Kai Super Saiyan Zion.

  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 3
  • Super Saiyan 4

  • Images (86)

    Super Saiyan Zion

  • Kai Super Saiyan


  • Base: Serious and does'nt like to toy with opponents.
  • SSJ: Strict.
  • SSJ2: Really cocky and always gives his opponent an advantage.
  • SSJ3: Talks quietly and is really cocky.
  • SSJ4: Cocky nothing but cockyness and fun.
  • SSJ5: Playful and always toys with his opponents unless they are near his power then he will kill them at the first chance.
  • SSJ6:Calm always
  • SSJ7:Litterly just sits down during his fights.
  • SSJ8:Acts like a kid.
  • KSSJ:Just day dreams without worry of the fight.


  • Sonicfan

Moves and Color

  • Ki: Purple
  • Flight
  • Ki Blast
  • Full Power Energy Wave
  • Kamehameha (Every version of Kamehameha)

The start of Unwanted Pain.

Unwanted Pain

  • Dino Punch
  • Omega Kamehameha
  • Omega Cannon
  • Spirit Dragon Fist
  • Spirit Bomb
  • Dragon Fist
  • Fusion Dance (Other person must also know)
  • Z-Barrier
  • Z-Energy Wave (Takes up NO ki)


  • Potara Earings
  • New Z-Sword
  • Flute
  • Blue Razorback Guitar (Also weapon)


"Okay, lets go"
— Zion as he merges with Supreme Kai

"Want my full power, Okay, that's what you'll get!"
— - Zion as he prepares to face DJ

"We should do it again sometime"
— Zion after he beats DJ.




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