This article, Zeo, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Zeo, is a Role-Play article.



" are the one that was to look in the shall fight together...-Zeo after being released"

A long time ago...a mirror was destined warrior was to look into the mirror...and see...him...

Zeo is PhantomSilverShenron's backup RP character.


Zeo's spirit was trapped in a mirror and could only be released if a warrior with the same spirit looked into the mirror. looked in it and saw Zeo...then Zeo was released and the two fought side by side from that point on.


Zeo is able to consume himself in golden Ki that becomes armor. He can only use half of it as well. When he does this his sword turns into a staff.He can transform by calling out "Golden Reflection!".

After meeting SS

Since SS was the one who looked into the mirror,Zeo is exactly like SS. He can even wear the and the Infinity Gauntlet.

Zeo's vehicle,Pyramidas

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