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Aliases Knight in Rusty Armor
Race Android
Height 6'7
Weight 301 kg
Professional Status
Personal Status
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Roman is an Android created by an unknown scientist, he was created to destroy the North Galaxy and the Kais, though now a subordinate of Avallac'h, and has been renamed as Zanlerith.


Before his upgrade, he had a gunmetal-colored Katchin armored body, he stands about 6'9 feet. He had semi-circular red eyes, the helmet that compromised Roman's head is adorned with a large, conical horn in the middle of the forehead, a pair of parallel, horizontal vents. He wore (although just part of his design) a scarf-like metal almost covering his neck, and he had conical spikes on both of his shoulders. He also had a white cloth around his waist.

Now he has the same type of armor Avallac'h does, though with a different helmet.


Roman has been convinced by Avallac'h to be again a subordinate, this time for him. Zanlerith obeys Avallac'h and if told to, will protect him at all costs. He is basically now a neutral being who only waits for what Avallac'h tells him to do, though when he's gone he does things like fight random warriors, and utterly win every time.


Although he is completely metal, he is very fast and can easily outpace a really fast Human or Saiyan, he also has brutal strength, nearly impenetrable armor, due to it being made of Katchin. He is capable of shooting Eye Lasers and can fire homing energy blasts from his wrists. He is also capable of making a small Supernova-like energy ball in his hands enough to easily destroy a solar system. He can also regenerate his armor by putting a in a slot on his wrist. He mainly uses a unique energy that he was equipped with by his creator that has some special attributes. He only uses this energy when necessary, mostly using very little of it in his battles. 

And he has now been equipped with a sword, forged by Avallac'h from Zanlerith's concept of the ideal sword. He was trained by Avallac'h vigorously to the point where he considered Zanlerith's swordsmanship second to his. Using the energy from his original creator, he can put it into the sword and perform a number of deadly attacks.


The Men of the Armor

The Men of the Armor

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