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This article, Xis Saga, is property of Supreme Kuzon.

This article, Xis Saga, is a Fan-Fiction article.

This is the Xis Saga of Super Dragon Ball Ultimate.

Xis Saga
Gang Vs. Xis.


Its been 5 Years since Omega Shenron was defeated by Goku and his Universal Spirit Bomb, Goku returned with Shenron, he is now a Larger Teen, Pan is too. The World is in peace, until now......

Chapter 1

Goku is at Home on Mount Paozu, with Chi-Chi, Goten and Gohan, eating on a Sunny Day.....

Goku: Mmmmm....This is Good!

Chi-Chi: For the 80th Time.....

Gohan: Ahhh.....I gotta go to Work Guys, see ya! (Waves)

Everybody: Bye!

Gohan runs out the Door.....

Chi-Chi: He is getting old, like my husband, who should've been 65 Yesterday!

Goku: Hehe, sorry!.......

Chi-Chi: .........

Goku: Goten, wanna come train?

Goten: Sure Dad, I'm getting rusty....

Chi-Chi: Yeah yeah! Go Train! Thats all you fools do!

Goku: Comon Goten, lets go to the Mountian Volcano again like last time!

Goten: Ehhhh!! (Scared)

Chi-Chi: (Washing Dishes) Hmph, Fathers and Sons.....

Goku and Goten walk up to a Mountain Top with rocks and dirt piles laying everywhere.....

Goku: Okay, ready? (Fighting Stance)

Goten: Always.....(Fighting Stance)

Goku and Goten stare off.....Then Begin!

Goten rushes Goku, Goku jumps and stomps Goten to the ground, Goten gets up and punches Goku, who grabs Gotens arm and starts swinging him around, then he let's go. Goten flys into a Tree, but he jumps from it, picks up the falling tree and throws it in the air. He flys up and chops it it peices and blasts them all the Goku. Goku grabs a peice and uses it to deflect the rest. Goten teleports to Goku and knees him in the stomach, Goku flips back and fires a Full Power Energy Wave at Goten. Goten dodges and fires Rapid Ki blasts at Goku, who dodges some.

Goku: Your getting better, your just not fast enough!

All of a sudden, Goku appears next to Gotens head and kicks it full force in the back of the neck, sending Goten flying into a nearby lake. Goku runs into the lake and carries Goten out, rams his fist in his Gut, then Roundhouse kicks him in the face across the battlefield into a cliff.

Goten: (Dizzy)

Goku: (Cleaning off hands) See Goten, this happens when you don't train for awhile!

Goten: Sorry dad, I just see no point in training for no enemy!

Goku: Goten! Too many people made that mistake! Gohan didnt train, then came Majin Buu. Goten didnt train for Baby!

Goten: Okay Dad, i'll try harder! Now can we continue?

Goku: If your up for it (Fighting stance)

Goten: (Smirks)

Goten jumps and fires a Ultra Ki Blast at Goku, who easily dodges. Goku jumps and uppercuts Goten in the chin, punches him at the speed of light, kicks away, teleports behind flying Goten, and smashes him to the ground. Goten starts throwing huge boulders at Goku from the rubble. Goku defects most and fires rapid Ki Dodes. The Ki Dodes explode when they hit Goten, so Goten is in trouble. Goten trys some, but it only hurts his hand. Goten jumps and and flys to Goku and punches him full-force. Goku grabs the fist and rams his knee in Gotens gut, Goten kicks Gokus face rapidly and smashes him to the ground making a crater.... Goku emerges from the smoke not harmed at all.....

Goku: When we gonna fight?


Goku: This again...

Gotens hair stands up and turns dark Gold, his muscles grow a bit bigger and his eyes and eyebrows change......He is, a Super Saiyan.

Goten: Grr...How bout' that!?

Goku: Like it will help....

Goten: Grr....AHHH!!!!

Goten teleports and appears in front of Goku and rams his foot in his face making Goku shrug, he picks up Goku and rams his fist in Gokus gut with all his Super Saiyan might and throws him down..... Goku flys out of the rubble and knees Goten in the face and roundhouse kicks him away. Goten trys jackifing Goku across the face but Goku teleports and appears behing Goten. Goku kicks his back at full force rapidly, grabs his neck and kicks it hard and throws his down.......

Goku: Next time I will surpress my power....Train more! (Flys away)

Goten: (Reverting to Base) Grr....Fine. (Flys away)

Goku and Goten head back home, unaware yet of what is Ahead..... Next Super Dragon Ball Ultimate!

Chapter 2

Previously, Goku and Goten went out to Train, and after a hard session, Goten, even as a Super Saiyan, was harshly beat. They went back home unaware of whats ahead, find out now!

At Goku and Chi-Chis House.....

Chi-Chi: (Walking in from getting out of car and walking in) Hey Guys, I- AHHH!!!!

Chi-Chi looks to see half her house torn apart and on the Bottom of the Mountain, appearing to be Thrown....

Chi-Chi: What happened?!! (Looks) AHH!!

She see's Goku, Goten and Gohan on the Ground bleeding and hurt, and almost Smashed.....

Chi-Chi: Ohhh......Guys? Wake up!! Please!!!

Goku: Uhhh (Hurt) Chichi....

Chichi: What happened!??!!

Goku: Someone... I don't know who, just came and, thrown the house... We tried to fight him off, but he beat us..

Gohan: Yep...uhh...

Chichi: Do you know where the guy who did it is??

Goku: really, but I could sense his power...Give me a senzu bean please...uhh..

Chi Chi runs to get a Senzu bean, and she gives it to Goku and he eats it and gets up..

Goku: Thanks... (senses power)

Goten and Gohan eat Senzu beans and get up and try too...

Goku: ....I feel it!!

Everyone: Where is it??

Goku: (Points at mountains) That way, he is that way in the mountains, probably with men.

Gohan: Should we go to fight?

Goku: Heck yeah (Floats up)

Goten: You going??!!!

Goku: Yes, I didnt even go above Super Saiyan when he fought us for those brief seconds, I am a Super Saiyan 4, I can probably beat him, especially if you help me

Chichi: Be careful Goku!!

Goku: I will Chichi! Bye! You comin Gohan and Goten?

Gohan and Goten: Yep (Flies into mountains)

Goku: Bye! (Flies with them)

Chichi: ......Well, no house, no nothin.....Ill just take a walk....

In the air....

Gohan: Are you sure about this??

Goten: What are you saying Gohan, he is Goku, he is dad, he is always sure, aren't you dad?

Goku: ......(Silent).....

Gohan and Goten: (Unsure) Goten, I think this is going to be bad

Goten: (Gulp)

Gohan and Goten fly into the distance, unaware of what they are getting into....

Chapter 3

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