Xicor is the third son of Goku

Xicor is the thrid son of Goku. He appears in Dragon Ball AF (Dragon Ball Afterlife).  Gohan and Goten are his half brothers.  He is half Kaioshin and half Saiyan. 


When Goku was training on an alien planet, a mysterious woman tried to seduce him but he resisted her because of his love for Chi-Chi.  The woman was Western Supreme Kai and had somehow survived when Kid Buu attacked.  She seduced Goku in his dreams and then became pregnant, she gave birth to a son named Xicor. 

As an adult, Xicor went to Earth so he could fight Goku.  This was after GT so Goku was training with Shenron, he never found his father.  He terrorized the Earth and Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Vegeta tried to stop him.  Gohan was no match for Xicor not even as a Super Saiyan 4, and Goten was badly injured.  Eventually Goku came to Earth and battled Xicor as a .  Xicor was no match for Goku and was killed by his own father, Goku remarked that Xicor was "no son of mine".  During the battle, Vegeta was killed but did not wish to be brought back.  This time he wanted to go to Other World and train with Goku.  Goku decided to go back to Other World.

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