This article, Xartyu, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Xartyu, is a Role-Play article.

Evil swordsmen

This character, Xartyu, is a main Lookout RP character!

This article, Xartyu, is property of Metrosexual-hipster4u.

Xaryu is the last of the old swordsmen of . He is the strongest swordsman around and will stop at nothing to find all 8 of his previous partners swords. Being a swordsman from hell, he is as evil as they come. He has 2 sons who would stop at nothing to kill him. He likes to kill people in his spare time and loves to make peoples lives miserable.He is currently looking for the third sword and is trying to bring his group back. His two swords are the weaponized form of light and darkness. He has recently found all the swords and is now on a quest to kill the gods


He controls the power of darkness and can even manipulate life itself. He is the strongest swordsmen to ever live and has some of the greatest moves with his twin swords. He can also become a part of the shadows to do sneak attacks or get away when he needs to.

Soul Absorbtion: He can absorb the souls of anyone he has beaten or killed. Each soul makes him stronger and he absorbs the persons powers and memories.

Shadow Manipulation: Thanks to his sword he is the shadows and as such can manipulate them to his will. He can turn them into weapons or creatures who will fight for him.


  • Darkness Void
  • Holy Shadow Strike
  • 1000 angel barrage
  • Hell Charge
  • Heaven Shield
  • The wrath of purgatory

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