This article, Wise Dragon, is a Fan-Fiction article.

The Wise Dragon is the dragon summoned by the . He can only summon wishes that are for the
good of the universe, not selfish wishes. The Wise Dragon and the Wise Dragon Balls were created by Dark Elder Kush's brother Wise Elder Nash. Wise Elder Nash, unlike his brother Dark Elder Kush, is a good person. The Chosen Dragon which is the puppet of Dark Elder Kush is different from Wise Dragon. Wise Dragon isn't controlled by its master and it has its own free will, Wise Elder Kush gave it free will. When Wise Elder Nash grew old and was nearing his death, he merged with Wise Dragon and became a part of him forever.

Wise Dragon met in Other World after he was killed by the Chosen Dragon. He trained Elcidman and taught him how to become a (Wise Dragon was a Saiyan in his previous life and mastered all Super Saiyan transformations), he then wished Elcidman back to life with the Wise Dragon Balls so that he could descend back to the planet Kush and defeat the Chosen Dragon.

After Elcidman died by sacrificing himself to defeat Xemeanor the son of Dark Elder Kush, he was once again in Other World and once again trained with Wise Dragon. Wise Dragon helped unleash Elcidman's ultimate state and he was reincarnated as Ultimate Elcidman.

Previous Life

Wise Dragon had once been a Saiyan in his previous life. He was a Saiyan by the name of Plato who protected the

The Saiyan Plato who would one day become Wise Dragon.

galaxy from forces of evil and had mastered all ten forms of Super Saiyan and the form of Negative Super Saiyan. Plato was good friends with Wise Elder Nash and after he died, he was reincarnated into a mighty dragon by the wise elder.

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