Virtua Fighter Lookout
is a random version of Virtua Fighter featuring members of the Lookout as the characters in the game. They use no ki and are just peak humans with the fighting styles of their favourite characters so as to make the game balance in competitive setting. VFL can be played either casually or competatively and offers a variety of different game modes the player can experience in all of Single player, 2 player, of full blown online gameplay. In addittion, Each character in the game is a lookout-version of the original characters in the game.

List of Characters

  • Akira Yuki - Vacant
  • Kage Maru - Mars
  • Jean Kujo - Vacant
  • Jacky Bryant - Kuzon
  • Sarah Bryant - Destiny
  • Brad Burns - Micheal Iron
  • Lion Rafale - Ian
  • Shun - Vacant
  • Lau Chan - Vacant
  • Pai Chan - Vacant
  • Eileen - Vacant
  • Vanessa Lewis - Vacant
  • Aoi Umenokoji - Vacant
  • Taka Arashi - Vacant
  • Jeffrey Mcwild - Vacant
  • Wolf Hawkfield - Vacant
  • El Blaze - Vacant
  • Goh Hinogami - Tenchi

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