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Violet is a Human and main character in Dragon Ball GY. He is Redick and Gotex's High School Friend.


Violet is Redicks Class Friend in Satan City High School, as well as Gotex's. He is 19 and Loves Gym Class and Action. He loves to fight and is Trained by Redick after class on Mount Pauoz, which is how he learned to fly and Fight good. He is a Jokey Person but is serious in School Basketball Games and Football Games, which Basketball is his Favorite Sport.


Violet is a Jokey Person and loves a good fight. He gets Detention alot in Science Class with Redick cause they talk and make fun of the teacher behind his back, which Violet sucks at and gets caught easily.


Violet wears a Red Gi with a Gray Under Shirt, along with a Gray Waistband. He wears Steel Gauntlets and boots with Red Sweatbands under them when fighting. His hair is
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short and sticks up and out to the right, and the other side is just low bangs hanging over his left ear, along with 2 bangs over his face.

Dragon Ball GY

In Dragon Ball GY, he makes several appearences and is a Main Character, next to Redick, Gotex, and Mai. In the Synther Saga, he joins the fight when he senses the fight in a nearby city, and comes to check, which is where he joins. He fights a Short Battle with Synther before he is pushed aside along with Blu.

Moves and Abilities

  • Ki Blast: Most Basic form of Energy wave.
  • Flight: Ability to Fly, taught by Redick
  • Full Power Energy Wave: A Power Version of the Ki Blast
  • Super Powered Beam: Similar to the Death Beam, only much stronger.
  • Nuke Cook Up: A Burning Attack that cooks the opponent after a few seconds.

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