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The Vildjharta Saga is the Final Saga in Dragon Ball TOAA, and is where Jordan faces off with the final antagonist of the Series, Vildjharta, a god whom has deceived him with wrongful deeds and lead him through sufferring since the beginning of the series. This tells the story of what happened to TOAA before Dragon Ball GY

The One Behind The Curtain

Jordan and RJ are fighting the new Dark Dragon God, as it takes place directly after the Seven Dragon Gods Saga. Jordan flies in through the Dragon gods power breath beam ad punches it in the nose while in his Awakened Kamui state, along with RJ who does the same



The Two roar with fury and push a smuch power behind their fists as they can, channeling all their power into the impact zone. Dark Shenron becomes overwhelmed in the dual aura generated and screeches as it explodes into shards of lava from the attack. The Scene Skips to back at the outer orbit fortress, where Surya is holding Sumeragi hostage right before Jordans and RJ's eyes, helpless to do anything.

Surya: So you made it back... both of you... (laughs ominously) i am very happy to see you both in one piece(sarcasm as she puts a blade to Sumeragi's throat). If you had lost to Dark Shenron, who would i exact my revenge on?

Jordan: Surya!! (gets ready to leap at her)

RJ: Stop this!

Surya: And now... you shall feel my pain!(tears streaming down her face as she begins to rip the blade across Sumeragi's neck)

Golden Wasp: I Don't think so... you shall not destroy my precious vessel

Suddenly billions of gold energy threads wrap around and constrict Surya's movement. She screams as she dies an an explosion generated by the threads while Jordan and RJ look on in awe and confusion of what is happenning.

RJ:... Surya?

Sumeragi has a absent, expressionless look on her face as the golden was sits on her shoulder, generating more gold energy threads.

Golden Wasp: ...At last, my plan is realized(voice becoming dual, with a deeper, more frightening one)

The Golden Wasp releases billions of gold energy threads and enfolds Sumergai's entire body in a sphere of them, with him inside aswell. Jordans eyes are wide open with shock.

A huge light overwhelms the surroundings as the sphere hatches revealing Sumeragi with a changed appearance. Her hair is Super Saiyan gold and so are her eyes. She is generating an illustrious white aura from herself. She looks down with haunting eyes upon Jordan, floating i mid air, while Jordan stares back in awe.

Sumeragi: ...I am the true god. The Embodiment of the wheel of life... the spinner of all karma (speaks with dual voices of Sumeragi and Golden Wasp). I am... the true TOAA.

To be continued....


The episode starts with the scene from before. Golden Sumeragi floats before the eyes of RJ and Jordan who are in shock. Massive golden light now surroundings the outer orbital fortress, showing how powerful she has become under the control of the Golden Wasp.

Gold Sumeragi: At last, you have passed my trials... Reedeemer Jordan. You have defeated the bane of the planet... and proved yourself worthy.

Wind generated from gold sumeragi as RJ shields his eyes but Jordan is none the wiser, still completely in shock of what is happenning before his very eyes.

RJ: ...Who are you!?

Gold Sumeragi: ...Must i repeat myself?. I am the True God... The True, One Above All(Says as divine Vajra Halo's manifest behind her).

RJ: ...True?

Gold Sumeragi: Yes... i am the guide of all beings. The one who bestowed Karma upon your ancestors.

RJ: ...No...

Jordan: *clenches fist*

Gold Sumeragi: I had the planets will, give birth to Dark Shenron... and scattered the Dark Dragons around this world to test you. All for the purpose of shaping you, into a suitable vessel...

Jordan: *eyes narrow madly as he grits his teeth become wrathful hearing such words*

Gold Sumeragi: The One who dominates the universe... is The One fit to guide it! (explodes with gold ki manifesting massive wasp wings. Her body becomes overwhelmed in bright light as she morphs into a 10 foot tall golden draped giant with multiple arms and staves)

Sumeragi herself begins being trapped in a rainbow ball of energy and becomes infinitely small and gets taking into the giants body. A massive illustrious vajra halo sits behind this new being.

Vildjharta: I am Vildjharta... It is i who keeps the wheels of this universe in motion.


Species: True God

Power Level: Infinite

Jordan looks on to the god and suddenly flashes back to when he was at the crossroads of life and death.

Golden Wasp: Yes there is a reason why you must continue to climb isn't there?

  • flashback end*

Jordan: ...You!?

RJ: ...Trials?... impossible... our battle just now!-

Vildjharta: ...Everything is as i intend it.

RJ: ...It cannot be...

Vildjharta: Now give me your hand, Redeemer Jordan... Receive the Karma's true power. And with it, create a new universe.

Jordan: *laughs softly, growing louder* He is the one... he is the reason for it all!! (Jorda spreads his legs and bursts with energy) You!!... (clenches his fist tightly) ...YOU ARE THE ONE I SHOULD KILL!!! (rockets towards the god with everything he has)

Vildjharta merely extends one finger and effortlessly stops Jordans fist dead in place, the force behind it going in all other directions.

Vildjharta: Very well... another trial. (does one casual movement with his finger and pushes Jordan back, causing him to hit the ground hard rolling a few times before getting to his feet).

Vildjharta descends to the ground and stands on his feet... the battle begins...

Jordan rushes towards Vildjharta but the golden god meerly pushes him back with telekinesis. His body goes flying back, but that doesn't stop him from just as quickly rushing back. Vildjharta fires off a wall of massive energy spheres with his finger only, never displaying any effort. Jordan dodges a few of them but gets overwhelmed by the numbers and gets caught in an explosion. RJ joins the fight, but its one sided with Vildjharta winning easily.

Vildjharta: Knowing the difference in power between us will also lead you to true understanding...


Jordan finally gets close to vildjharta but the golden god only smiles as a tower of energy erupts surrounding the god in a circular fashion, catching Jordan inside and doing damage to him, pushing him back in the process. Vildjharta then creates 3 ki spheres like spirit bombs and throws them at Jordan, whom roars and punches them back at the god like volleyballs, resulting in bringing the god to his knee's. Jordan seizes the moment and gets in real close, punching vildjharta in the gut with everything he has, though this only makes him stand up. Jordan is shocked as he is telekinetically pushed away, leaving him open as the god makes another ki sphere and throws it at Jordan.

RJ: JORDAN!! (he gets between the sphere and Jordans body, punching the ball causing it to explode, Jordan gets to his feat and leaps back at the god)

Vildjharta becomes shocked at this and Jordan delivers a massive punch clear into the gods face but it doesn't even flinch, once again Jordan gets pushed back and he and RJ regroup.

RJ: He's too powerful...

Jordan: ...I-... i don't care!

They resume attacking.

RJ: Wait!, we-... we need to make a plan!

Jordan: He's god!!, its not even worth it!

Vildjharta: Then why is it you are fighting?

Jordan: BECAUSE I MUST!! (goes into infinity mode and powers up as much as he can, he then leaps into the open space above and transforms with a massive burst of golden energy into Perfect Being 2.

Perfect Being 2 Jordan

Species: Human

Power Level: Immeasurable

Jordan then seemingly displaces himself, moving so fast he is now right infront of Vildjharta's face with his fist reeled back, causing the god to smile ominously. He then slams his fist into the god as hard as he can causing an explosion of flames. He uses every bit of momentum and power he can to overpower the god but its no use, the giant has used its many arms to catch Jordans fist. The gods eyes narrow.

Vildjharta: Now... show me the true extent of your power!

Jordan growls and delivers an overhead hammer to the giant gods arms but at the same time gets blown back by telekinesis but surprisingly Jordan stops in mid air and flies back, resisting the power of a god!. Jordan is stopped by the many arms of the god extending and trying to hit him from all sides but Jordan punches them out of the way at high speeds. A fast rush engaged with Jordan weaving about through the flurry of arms, it is here he notices sumeragi trapped in an orb held by one of the gods stationary arms. Sumeragi looks up to see Jordan fighting with everything he has.

Sumeragi: ..Jor... dan...

The rush stops for a moment as this catches his attention.

Jordan: Sumeragi!!

But thats just enough time for Vildjharta to attack, with jordan barely blocking a multi-armed strike causing him to go flipping back and sliding on the ground on his own two feet. Jordan roars with fury and ascends into the space above, divebombing the god with everything, but he is stopped dead in place by a shield setup by the god. Jordan is like a jet held in place, is aura bursting like a fiery stream to break through.

Vildjharta: Come... the woman... is waiting for you(says as he lifts the orb trapping sumeragi inside it to Jordan.

Jordan: YOU'LL PAY!! (says as his power level sky rockets beyond its original limits, causing ricky to grow scared for his welfare)

RJ: Wait!! (is blown back by the wind generated)

Jordan dents the shield but is not powerful enough to break it, his arm then gets blown apart by the shields force leaving him armless, but he just uses the other to bash away at the shield.

Sumeragi: NO!!

Jordan roars as his body explodes transforming him into his berserk state, as he is now powerful enough to start ripping apart the layers of the shield, his arm regenerated. But blood starts oozing from his eyes and mouth.

RJ: ...You go forward... nonetheless... (is in awe of Jordans seemingly limitless power)

Sumeragi: Stop... just forget about me!!, if you use too much power.... your body will!!-

Jordan: I DOOOOONT CAAAAAAAAAARRREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!(first time speaking with his mind still intact while in this state)

Sumeragi: NO JORDAN!!- (His hand touches the outside of the orb trapping her)

Jordan: S-sumeraaaggiiii....(tries to touch the orb with his other hand but it his entire arm gets blow off)

Sumeragi: Forgive me... its not worth seeing you like this...(tears streaming down her face as she uses telekinesis to push him out of the shield)

Jordan goes soaring out into space, the force of the telekinesis knocking him back to base form. RJ gasps and flies around behind Jordan and catches him as they fall to earth.

Sumeragi: Take care of him...

RJ: But!-

Sumeragi: PLEASE!!

RJ grits his teeth in pain of the situation as they fall back to earth.

Vildjharta: (sighs) ...Another Failure? ...perhaps i shall bring an end to this universe, and begin it anew... Just as i have always done(ascends into the space above) I will eventually rebuild this world...

The entire orbital fortress begins falling to earth aswell.

Vildjharta: Until then, enjoy the rest of your lives... it matters not to me what you do.

The entire fortress crashes down to earth and remodels the landscape with a huge explosion that can be seen from space easily...

To be continued...

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