This article, Vibrating Longsword, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Vibrating Longsword, is a Role-Play article.

This "sword" is a long sword that was formerly wielded by Seruki Shatogen and currently wielded by Tsuki Shatogen.
Vibrating Longswords


With its name "vibrating", it is a sword that when hit by anything, will make a super strong vibration and will cause a massive shock wave. It can be wrapped by the back of the wielder's knees, elbows or any other body parts that the sword can fit in. These swords are rare and can only be found in the most unexpected places. So far, Tsuki has found 3, along with brother's sword. Making his total number of Vibrating Long swords 4.


  • Seruki Shatogen - Very first to find and wield a Vibrating Long sword.
  • Tsuki Shatogen - Ever since Seruki passed away, Tsuki has taken his one sword and has found 3 more.
  • Masuku - After stealing the swords from Tsuki, he has had this sword ever since.

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