This article, Vegitax, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Vegitax, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Vegitax, is property of Powerful gohan.

New Vegitax infopic
Name Vegitax
Aliases The Red Rocket
User Powerful gohan
Race Saiyan
Gender Male Male
Date of Birth October 18
Height 6'2
Professional Status
Affiliation Lookout Crew
Personal Status
[v · t · e]

"They say you're weak, they say you're strong. I just want to live. I can't live if evil monsters destroy the place I live in."

Vegitax is The Powerful PG's original character. His identity nowadays is Avallac'h, as a ruler of Spurn. Vegitax was once a part of the original Lookout Crew throughout its early days, until he departed as a member with a purpose to build his own empire.

Vegitax comes from a different timeline where instead Vegeta only has Trunks as his child with Bulma, Bulma instead gives birth to Vegitax first, then Trunks.


Vegitax is a fairly tall and muscular Saiyan. His hair, unlike most Saiyans' that are jet black, is a crimson red. He wears Saiyan armor over a blue long-sleeved skin-tight jumpsuit. He wears white/gold boots and gloves.


Vegitax takes on much of Goku's personality. The will to never give up and continuously go past his limits, the intent to protect the universe and the innocent within it, to destroy any evil. Though he is brighter than Goku, and isn't as forgiving as him. He easily takes on any unfair advantages, something that Goku has never exactly done.



Vegitax is capable of effortless destruction of massive levels, such as ripping apart celestial bodies, possessing the power to destroy the fabric of space just by flicking his finger, lifting objects worth the weight of multiple universes and much more.


Vegitax can completely outrun light itself, basically making it seem like nothing but an immobile rock. He can transcend light, move back and forth in time just by moving alone. Vegitax can fly around a planet and one simple revolution would completely slice the planet in half.


Vegitax can tank even the most powerful attacks known. A universe-busting blow to his exposed skin would not even leave a scratch. His skin alone is like existence's most durable hypermetal that is nearly impenetrable and indestructable. Plus his armor, which is also capable of shielding Vegitax from blows that are worth of universe-destroying power. The molecules of this armor are immensely durable, and so opponents with molecular manipulation will either be unable to manipulate its molecules or be exhausted in the process of doing so, if they ever even succeed.

Techniques & Attacks


  • Kamehameha x500
  • Infinite Kamehameha

Galick Gun

  • Galick Grenade
  • Infinite Galick Gun


  • Kaio-Ken Dominus
  • Kaio-Ken Tueri
  • Super Kaio-Ken

Creation of Destruction

  • Exitium
  • Lux


  • Odama
  • Sunheart
  • Dynamus


  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 2
  • Supreme Super Saiyan to Supreme Super Saiyan 6
  • Super Saiyan God
  • Super Saiyan God Blue



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