Users Take-Over is a user fanon story, created and wrote by SupremeLegacy.



  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Part III


  1. Universal Invasion Saga

Arcs of the First Saga

  1. Meeting Arc
  2. The Great Diamond Rush Arc
  3. The War Arc

Associated In the Story line

  • Dragon Ball
  • Naruto
  • Bleach
  • One Piece (Not very much of it)
  • Soul Eater (At a minor)

Part I, Saga 1, Meeting Arc

Episode One: Meet Our Fellow Comrades!

Narrator: One day... In the days far after the Days of Goku.

-Wind Blows gracefully through a meadow-

Narrator: Comes very strong warriors... Of different shapes and sizes.. And personality... They are, The Users!

.. *Mean while*

Zan Jr: Ha! *Hand signs*

Vegitax: *Hand Signs*

Zan Jr: Water Style: Water Jet!

.*A jet of water comes from Zan Jr's fingers and goes at Vegitax*

Vegitax: Uh oh!

. *Vegitax isn't fast enough and gets hit by Water Jet*

. *The spar is decided, and Zan Jr wins!*

Vegitax: Good spar, Zan!

Zan Jr: *Helps Vegitax up* You too!

LA LA LA LA LA! *Opening theme comes on*

. *After the theme, the the titles screen appears*

Narrator's Voice: User Take-Over! Meet Our Fellow Comrades!!!!!

Narrator: Mean while... At the Desaku Village.

Zan Jr: Hmm... Interesting... A planet made entirely out of Diamond.. I'm sure I'm not the first to see this...

Ian: *Walks in* Saw What? The Diamond Planet?

Zan Jr: How do you know before me?!?!

Ian: ...Its called TV..

Zan Jr: Facepalm_by_shadow696-d38k12i.gif

Ian: So what ya thinking?

Zan Jr: There will be many people going after that planet, even from other planets.. Those diamonds are powerful enough to power things...

Ian: Go there?

Zan Jr: We meed to get s team to go with us... Fast.

Ian: What we waiting for then!??! Lets go!

Narrator: And with that, they gathered a team in under two days.

Zan Jr: Time to go!

. *The crew got on the spaceship, and took off towards the diamond planet*


  • Zan Jr
  • Ian
  • Vegitax
  • Kuro
  • Kage
  • Michael Iron
  • SJ

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