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Uryu is an evil clone of Ryuu made by "Him".

Xicor ultimate tenkaichi
Name Uryu
Romanji Uryu
Debut Role Play
User Maroyasha
Race Saiyan
Gender Male Male
Date of Birth ???
Date of Death ???
Height 5'11"
Weight 134 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation "Him"
Occupation Hunting Ryuu
Address Unknown
Personal Status
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Uryu is all about killing. He will stop at nothing to kill an opponent.


Uryu was created by "Him" to destroy Ryuu. Uryu is in the present, but has not revealed himself yet. He has been following the moves of every Lookout Crew Member. He does not wish to talk, but to kill. He has one single mission: Destroy Ryuu At All Costs! If he achieves that, he will becomes "Him"s right hand man. His power is way beyond Ryuu's.

Brought Back

Uryu was killed by Destiny after achieving his mission. Now, Scal has brought him back to help fight the T-Fighters. And ultimately kill them.


  • Great Ape
  • SSJ-SSJ10
  • Ultimate Uryu
  • Ultimate Uryu SSJ-SSJ10


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