This article, Ultimate Victor, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Ultimate Victor, is a Role-Play article.

Ultimate Victor is an advanced version of Legendary Justice, and achieved first by Sunheart Vegitax.


The user's hair color remains the same (a glowing light green), and gains a soldier uniform-like clothing with an upward collar. The user gets an electrical aura.

Altered Abilities

  • God Strength - The Ultimate Victor's strength is unmatched. It is hard to use at first, but with good training and a stronger will, the user will be able to use it properly.
  • Amazing Stamina - It almost looks like the user doesn't slow down, but how long the user can keep up depends on the user's will to defend.
  • Resistance to Negations - The user is resistant to negative techniques such as poison or anything that's potentially deadly.

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