This article, Ultimate Evil, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Ultimate Evil, is a Role-Play article.


Ultimate Evil 1st form


Ultimate Evil 2nd form.

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Ultimate Evil is an Evil Demon who will kill anyone in his way. Ultimate is even more powerful than "Him", and is past Teen Ian DSSJ.


As said before Ultimate is beyond "Him" in power. Ultimate has no restraint in power, as he is pure evil and will toy with his opponents.


Ultimate looks like what Baby Goku would look like, he is bulky and can turn himself giant to match other giants such as a Great Ape.

UE Ultimate Form

Ultimate Form


1st Form

In his first form he has the clothes of Baby, a face similar to Goku's, and no eyebrows. In this form his power is past that of Ian's DSSJ3, he is very cocky in this form and shows no mercy.

2nd Form

In this form his hair is more spiky, is a little bit bulkier, and has an electric aura. This forms power is far beyond his first form, and will stop at nothing to kill everyone and everything on the planet.

Ultimate Ian

Teen Ian 7

Ultimate Ian

This is the form after absorbing Teen Ian. In this form he takes on Ian's clothes, only with red jewels instead of blue. His power is beyond any other of his forms, and will kill anyone who stands in his way.

Ultimate Vegitax

This is the form after absorbing Vegitax. In this form his muscles are even bulkier, he also grows long hair and a tail. This is the very strongest of Vegitax's forms, he will not stop until his target is destroyed. From now Vegitax can control this form, but not fully and can lose control at certain points.


Ultimate Vegitax

Ultimate Form

In this form he has unbelievable power, Being able to outmatch even a DSSJ4. In this form he gains yellow hair, And a darker skin tone. He has no care for anything in the world but destruction.

True Form

This is Ultimate Evil's True Form. This form is final Form of UE. He is even more menacing then his Ultimate Form and is even more powerful. He has one attack that could destroy The Whole Multiverse, He also has an attack that will turn everything into darkness. He has no care for anything but killing us.
True Ultimate Evil

True Ultimate Evil

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