This article, Ultimate DJ, is a Role-Play article.

This character, Ultimate DJ, is a main Lookout RP character!

"Miss me?"
— Ultimate DJ upon his return

Ultimate DJ is the mode of DJ after his long training. He gained this form after the loss to Tre. He still just goes by the name of DJ.

Ultimate DJ with the Blue Inpact over his hair


Ultimate DJ, like DJ, has no ACTUAL appearance. (The picture to the side is just the appearance of Ultimate DJ upon his return and fight with Terrek.)

Power and Forms

"Now tell me Tre, who's the strongest again?"

Ultimate DJ has the power of normal DJ, all the Gods and Demons of the planet Extremes, and his new sword Reach. The following list are not SAIYAN FORMS. They're modes DJ goes into to help him in battle, like transformations. It depends on how DJ uses the forms for their power to get set.

Energy Mode

- Omega Energy Mode

- Full Power Energy Mode

- Demonic Mode

- Firestorm Mode

- Deathstorm Mode

- Shockwave Mode

- Shock Zone Mode

- Cosmic Wave Mode


Ultimate DJ is a lot more serious than the old DJ. He'll rarely be seen being actually arrogant in a fight and will focus on defeating his opponent at no cost.

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