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This article, True Original Super Saiyan, is a Role-Play article.


Bardocks Ultimate Power

True Original Super Saiyan (Shin no Orijinaru Supa Saiya-jin) is the perfect form of Original Super Saiyan. Only bardock, The First Super Saiyan has ever managed to achieve this form during his era in the universe. The prerequesites to ascend to this form are completely unknown and it is assumed that only Bardock himself was capable of ever reaching it. It multiplies the Super Saiyans power by 100 Micrillion (One million zeroes) times, making the saiyan so exceedingly powerful that their eyesight alone is enough to obliterate most enemies. This is characterized by the intense bright white glow emanating from their eyesockets. The True Original Super Saiyan was infact the saiyan form that vegeta described on namek.

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