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Name Trenyo
Debut Roleplaying
Race Namekian
Gender Male Male
Date of Birth ???
Date of Death March of 2012
Height 5'11"
Weight 179 lbs
Professional Status
Occupation Helping Protect Hell
Address Somewhere In otherworld
Personal Status
Relatives Topazo (Great Friend)

Trenyo Jr. (Fusion Partner)

King Yemma (Boss)

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Trenyo is a wise Namekian who helps to now protect otherworld. He is from New Namek. He is friendly and will only fight for good. He was killed during a battle with Ian.

"You Idiot...I'm just holding you off. So they can train...They don't even know I'm here."
— Trenyo's Words To Fridge After Being Death Beamed

The Final Act Of Good

Trenyo came back when Fridge first arrived on Earth. Seeing the trouble his friends and former comrades were in, he was sent back to Earth. He had one day to help. He ended up dying, but he gave the others enough time to train. Fridge had death beamed him out of anger. On his last few breaths, Trenyo Jr. arrived. Trenyo recognized him and requested to fuse with the namekian named after him. TJ accepting the request fused with Trenyo, giving TJ the power to help fight Fridge.

"Trenyo Jr....You..Must Take..My Power...And Avenge...Me..."
— Trenyo's Final Words


  • Super Namekian (Power Level Triples)
  • Super Namekian 2 (Power Level Quadruples)


  • Ki Blast
  • Regeneration
  • Mega Ki Blast
  • Mouth Energy Wave
  • Eye Beam
  • Gravity Punch (Falls from air and punches)
  • Spinning Gravity Punch
  • Dragon Throw
  • Healing
  • Namekian Fusion
  • T-Ultimate Blast


Nail chop

Trenyo Beginning His Assault On Fridge.

Trenyo after death beam

Trenyo Laughing At Fridge After He Is Deathbeamed

Nail dying

Trenyo Speaking His Final Words To TJ.

Nail lost arm

Trenyo After Getting His Hand Ripped Off By Fridge

Nail fusing

Trenyo And TJ About To Fuse.

Nail vs. frieza

Trenyo Being Assaulted By Fridge.

Dende crying

Kid Trenyo Crying

Dende dead

Kid Trenyo After Being Caught In An Explosion

Dende smiling

Kid Trenyo When He First Arrived On Earth

Dende yelling

Kid Trenyo Yelling

Teen dende on lookout

Teen Trenyo On The Lookout

Teen dende

Teen Trenyo On A Tropical Island

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