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Trellei is a Human whose power level nears a very powerful Saiyan's. He is a man of great intelligence, a man of
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Trellei has a well-built physique. He has a green pompadour hairstyle and a scar running from his forehead to his neck, and wears a long-sleeved green shirt that has a pocket on the left side and green pants, and has green eyes. As he is a man of elixirs, he made elixirs and put them into glass earrings and button-triggered scrolls, which he keeps in the pocket of his shirt.


Trellei is very lazy, and only does something when he is either an elixir short. He rejects people who call him a "Watermelon" for wearing full green and green hair, also.


Elixirs - Trellei having much experience in things like elixirs, he uses them in a quick and effective way. Trellei both has earring-stored elixirs and scroll-stored elixirs. The elixirs in earrings are healing elixirs, and also remove any negative status done to Trellei. The ones in scrolls are power boost elixirs, which boost his power up to a considerable amount.

Great Strength - With a technique Trellei developed, he can turn a single punch into hundreds, which means he concentrates energy into his fist and it starts vigorously shaking, making it hard to aim for the desired target. With just "one hit" from the punch, it is enough to either knock out or paralyze his opponent.

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