250px-Ankoku Dragon Ball Gohan

Tora in his favorite gi.
Name Tora
Romanji Tora
Debut RP Sessions
User XxGodZerxesxX
Race 100% Saiyan
Gender Male Male
Height 4'11"
Weight 116 LBS
Professional Status
Affiliation Lookout Crew
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown Father(Father), Unknown Mother (Mother), Divine Shenron (Adoptive Father)
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Tora is a little boy from the orphanage who wanted to become a great warrior, and later on achieved his goal, and is a former role-play character of XxGodZerxesxX.


Tora has hair similar to Kid/Teen Gohan and wears the same shoes as Piccolo which he got from Zion. Tora has a yellow gi which he was giving by his Adoptive Father, . He has a tail like any other Saiyan.

Techniques as Kid/Teen

  • Use of Ki - Able to wield ki.
  • Flight/Levitation - Able to fly and levitate.
  • Full Power Energy Wave - Simple Energy Wave that comes from much saved ki. Tora fire this blast with two hands.
  • - Tora charges a big ball of ki into his right hand then yells "Take That!" as he throws the Ball of Ki. He learned the technique from Zion.
  • - Finale Punch is a self created technique used by Tora after charging spirit into his fist then charging at his opponent with a punch which can puncher threw bodies, as well.
  • Fart Kamehameha - A Kamehameha Fart Version tought to him by Divine Shenron.
  • Kamehameha - Kamehameha
    Download (1)

    Tora using Kamehameha!



Adoptive Father of Tora.


Rival and Fusee.


Kinda a superior.

Michael Iron

Old Friend from the orphanage.

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