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There was some disturbance in the world, And soon our heroes will find out.


Aldrin and Vegitax were training in the forest. When suddenly, Bandra came out of nowhere and said that

like 100 saibamen and cell.jrs were attacking more than 7 cities. They split up and they found the saibamen, But they didn't see any Cell.Jrs .

Aldrin: Bandra i thought there were Cell.Jrs here also?

Bandra: They were right here! 1 of them even attacked me.

The group moves to another city, they found Cell.Jrs but no sign of Saibamen

Vegitax: What could be the problem......

Bandra: ....! Uhhh.....Guys....Look.

Bandra pointed at something.

Aldrin: huh? What is i- ...!

Vegitax: ....!

They saw the two villains, Cell and Frieza.

Aldrin: Cell.....Frieza.....

Bandra: Are they who we really think they are?

Vegitax: I don't know.....But i have a bad feeling!

And finally Cell and Frieza descended to the group.

Cell: well....It looks like we have visitors.

Frieza: Shall we play with them cell?

Cell: Fine, But this will be over before a minute.

But when Cell was about to attack, Goku and Gohan suddenly appeared.

Goku: Frieza!

Gohan: Cell!....huh? Who are these guys?

Goku looked to Aldrin,Vegitax and Bandra

Goku: Guys! Long time no see!

And it seemed Goku knew Vegitax and Bandra,But didn't know who Aldrin was.

Goku: Who's the new guy?

Bandra: He's Aldrin and he is also a Super Saiyan.

But Cell has gone impatient and attacked Goku

Goku: huh?

Gohan: Dad!

Goku catches Cell's attack,He goes Super Saiyan and throws him at Frieza.

Aldrin: That....was so!

Vegitax: You still got it Goku!

Gohan: (It looks like Vegitax is so strong too.) Guys Cell.Jrs and Saibamen have been attacking.

Vegitax: Yeah...We noticed.

Bandra: But we couldn't find the source..instead we crashed into Cell and Frieza.

Goku: that's strange....You think...That they are the ones causing trouble?

Gohan: Cell.Jrs belong to Cell.....But Saibamen belong to.....

Aldrin: SAIYANS! There must be a saiyan that is unleashing the saibamen!

Bandra: Aldrin may have a point.... But who could the saiyan be?

Vegitax: Let's just take care of Cell and frieza first...

Gohan: yeah!

All of Vegitax,Goku,Bandra,Gohan and Aldrin go Super Saiyan,They battle Cell and Frieza

And after a while of fighting, They were finished.

Bandra: They felt a lot stronger than the previous time we encountered them....

Goku: It looks they aren't the real threat after all.

Suddenly someone comes.

???: Well you'll need help finding it.....

All of them look at the person.

Piccolo: hmph....So ready to hunt for the threat?

Gohan: Piccolo!

Piccolo smiles.

Goku: We sure are getting a lot of help!

Vegitax: But let's split up....we can cover more ground that way!

Aldrin: yeah, Good idea!

Vegitax: Goku go with Bandra, Piccolo go with Aldrin,And Gohan your with me

The team split up and search for the reason of the invasion.

Goku: hey Bandra....i have a question....

Bandra: what is it?

Goku: Is.....Aldrin Powerful enough to defeat Majin Buu?

Bandra: I don't know why your asking that....and why Majin Buu....But i think...he could...Just could Defeat him.

Goku: That's good enough.

Goku and Bandra suddenly confront the one and only, Broly!


Goku and Bandra were surprised.

Bandra: Broly!

Goku: Your still alive?!

Broly: That doesn't matter, What matters is i must destroy you!

Goku: .....I think it's best if we run away....

Bandra: huh? But why......

Goku: We can't fight in this environment....And cities cover this island almost completely.

Bandra. Urgh...fine.

Bandra and Goku managed to escape broly.

But, For Vegitax and Gohan, They face the powerful, Hatchiyak!

Vegitax and Gohan stop flying and face Hatchiyak.

Hatchiyak: hmph.....It looks like i have target practice.

Hatchiyak smirks and Prepares his Revenge Cannon.

But Gohan is unafraid and charges a Kamehameha.

Gohan: KAAAAA....MEEEEE......HAAAA.....MEEEEE......

Hatchiyak: Take this!

Hatchiyak fires his attack!


Gohan unleashes his attack also.

The two beams collide and explode, But when the smoke clears Hatchiyak Runs away.

Hatchiyak: I can't believe i'm running....But i must return back to- !

Vegitax knocked out Hatchiyak with his Water Dragon.

Vegitax: We should find the others.....

Gohan: Right!

Vegitax and Gohan went to find the others. And they found Piccolo and Aldrin.

Piccolo: Vegitax, Gohan!

Aldrin: What is that your carrying?!

Aldrin asked about Hatchiyak.

Gohan: This is a monster we fought a long time ago....His name is Hatchiyak.....

Piccolo: Wait.....I sense a familiar Ki.....

Broly: ROAH!

Broly came out of nowhere and attacked Piccolo

Piccolo: URGH!

Gohan: Piccolo!

Gohan rushed at Broly and attacked him, Broly wasn't even hurt

Broly: Useless scum!

Broly punches Gohan away, But gohan still fought, He now ascended to Super Saiyan 2!

Gohan: RAAAH!

Gohan kicked and punched Broly hard, But this time Broly escaped and disappeared without his ki trace.

Aldrin: I just hope Goku and Bandra are alright.....

And just after Aldrin said that Goku and Bandra came

Goku: Guys did you see broly?!

Gohan: yeah......but he got away..

Vegitax: This problem is getting to the worst.

Gohan calms down and powered down to his Base form, But piccolo was badly injured by Broly's attack.

Piccolo: Just leave me behind....i' fine...

Goku: Your crazy we have Senzu Beans you know.....

Piccolo: If that's so....Then give me one.

Goku gives Piccolo and Senzu.

Piccolo: ....thanks.

Vegitax: ......This is so....strange.... Some of the villains we killed....are suddenly revived.

Bandra: If this keeps up.....i wonder if...

Aldrin: No......That can't be.

Piccolo: That may be possible...

And after that the man who caused all trouble appeared, He was the one and only, Dr.Lychee

Aldrin: ahh...aahh.....Lychee....

Fear went in to Aldrin after seeing Dr.Lychee

Dr.Lychee: Well, It is nice to meet you all here.

Lychee smirks and sends out Saibamen and Cell.Jrs.

Goku: So your the one causing trouble!

Goku attacks the saibamen.

Vegitax: This has to end!

While Vegitax Defeats the Cell. Jrs. Goku and Vegitax both attack Dr.Lychee with their Dragon Fists.

Goku and Vegitax: DRAGON FIST!!!

But Lychee raised his shield. And their Dragon Fist failed.

Bandra: That shield is protecting him!

Aldrin: This will end now!

Aldrin once again goes Super Saiyan and attacks Dr.Lychee's Shield.

Bandra: Don't overexert yourself Aldrin.

Aldrin: Huff huff....huff.....Yeah i know...

Dr.Lychee: Muahahahaha! You little brat! You can't break my shield!

But Goku comes up close to Slug from behind, He goes Super Saiyan 2, And also attempts to break the shield, He was close to even cracking it but Lychee ordered a Cell.Jr to attack him.

Cell.Jr: kee kee kee!

Goku: Get off of me!

Goku broke free and flew back to his team.

Vegitax looks at Bandra.

Vegitax: Bandra.....let's do it....

Bandra: uhh.....yeah

Vegitax and Bandra plan to use the Bros.Kamehameha, They go Super Saiyan and charge their Kamehamehas.

Vegitax and Bandra: KAAAAA.....MEEEEE......HAAAAA.....MEEEEE.....

Dr.Lychee: Fools that thing will blow up the whole lair!

Vegitax and Bandra: HAAAAAAAAAAA!

Dr.Lychee: GAH! My shield...It's breaking apart...aahhh...ahhh...AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

Dr.Lychee vanished into atoms!

Vegitax: Huff..Huff..Huff.....We did it.....The world is safe.

Vegitax was tired but was still happy.

Bandra: hahaha woo hoo we defeated Dr.Lychee!

Bandra jumps up and down in happines.

Piccolo: I wonder why Lychee was bringing out all those Saibamen and Cell.Jrs....

Vegitax: All villains want their revenge.

Bandra: But what could have happened to Broly and Hatchiyak now that Dr.Slug is gone?

Aldrin: Probably removed from this world along with him.

Goku: Aldrin do you...want to train with me?

Aldrin: of course! Can you teach me how to go Super Saiyan 2?!

Gohan: Don't get too excited Aldrin ,patience ok?

Goku: Let him be happy Gohan...We're not gonna start training right away.

Vegitax: Well Aldrin...Go on ahead, Be strong and keep chasing your goal.

Aldrin nods and says bye to Vegitax and Bandra.

And so our heroes go apart, The world is once again safe.

And after a while of training Aldrin was way more powerful, And the fight Vegitax promised to Goku begun, It was a tie and they all had a laugh, And while the world was still in peace, Cities got repaired, Destruction disappeared, But mostly it was because of our heroes. Planet Earth is once again,Saved.

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