This Video game is about When the Android 17 and Android 18 came and destroyed most of Earth's Cities that came out before the Regrouping Saga.


This game is like normal Dragon Ball Games with some of the Future Characters and Some added bonus characters. This game is playable on Playstaion 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. This can be played by one player in story mode and 1- 4 players (Depending on the console) on Combat Mode. There are 7 Missions.

  • Gohan vs Android 17 and 18
  • Kid Future Trunks vs Future Gohan
  • Kid Future Trunks vs Android 18
  • Future Gohan(SS1) vs Android 17
  • Future Gohan(SS1) vs Android 17 and Android 18
  • Future Trunks(SS1) vs Android 17
  • Future Trunks(SS1) vs Android 18

Bonus Battles

  • Picolo vs Android 18
  • Vegeta(SS1) vs Android 17
  • Yamcha vs Android 17
  • Tien Shinhan vs Android 18
  • Chiaotzu vs Android 17
  • Krillin vs Android 17 and Android 18

Playable Characters

These Characters are playable in Story, Bouns Battles and Comat Arena.

  1. Gohan (Base, Super Saiyin)
  2. Future Gohan( Base, Super Saiyin)
  3. Kid Future Trunks( Base, Super Saiyin)
  4. Future Trunks(Base, Super Saiyin)
  5. Picolo
  6. Vegeta(Base, Super Saiyin)
  7. Yamcha
  8. Tien Shinhan
  9. Chiaotzu
  10. Krillin
  11. Goku(Base, Super Saiyin, Super Saiyin 2)(Unlockable)
  12. Chi Chi(Unlockable)
  13. Dr. Gero(Unlockable)
  14. Android 17
  15. Android 18
  16. Frieza(Unlockable)
  17. Cooler(Unlockable)
  18. King Cold(Unlockable)

Training and Battle Mode Stages

Goku's Village

Kame House

The Carnival(New)

The City


The Cliff(New)


World Marshial Arts Tournament

These are the Unlockable Stages.

Planet Vegeta

Emperor Pilaf's Castle

Training Mode

In this mode you can train up to 3 players. You can Select 2 modes: Dummy Mode which shows a dummy for you to fight and Fighting Mode so you can fight the Players you train with.

Bouns Content

This is the Bouns Content Information that appers at the Main Menu. This is where you can use Cheat Codes to Unlock Characters and More. For Example

  • Goku-Character
  • Emperor Pilaf's Castle- Stages
  • Dragon Balls-Items
  • And More!

Other Information

  • This Game is rated E10 and Up.
  • This game includes Mild Violence, Some intense Action.
  • You can buy this game at GameStop, Wal-Mart and Target.
  • The Price is going to be 30 dollars when it comes out.


The Travels of Trunks: The Frieza Era(Coming Soon)

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