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After the attack of Android 17 and 18, Trunks sets of on a 

mission to save and warn Goku of the troubles yet to come.


Bijoo's Begining(Coming Soon)

Video Games

The Travels of Trunks: The Begining of the Future!


The Good

Future Trunks

Future Bluma


King Kai





The Bad



King Cold

Friezza's Army

Cooler's Army

Bionic Frieza

Android 17

Android 18


Android 20

Android 15

Trunk's Log

Trunks Log Day 1: I am off ready to do my mission.

Trunks Log Day 2: I am in Nameck trying to find Cooler

Trunks Log Day 3: This is Trunks and I am injured badly! I will be coming back to Earth.

Trunks Log Day 4: I just met a new friend named Bijoo.

Trunks Log Day 5: We just fought Frieza but he got away.

Theme Song and Ending Theme

The Travels of Trunks Theme

Travels of Trunks Ending Song


The Regrouping Saga

Episode 1

Male Announcer: After the attack of the evil 17 and 18 Trunks is now on his mission to save and warn Goku. What will happen on The Travels of Trunks.

The Travels of TrunksTheme Song

Male Announcer: Episode One! Trunks meets King Kai!

FutureTrunks: Where am I?

KIng Kai: Hello.

Future Trunks: King Kai!

King Kai: Trunks I have been wating for you.

Future Trunks: King Kai you need to take me to Goku.

King Kai: That's not important yet! Frieza is back!

Future Trunks: But I thought Goku killed him!

King Kai: King Cooler used the Dragonballs.

(Flashback Plays)

Cooler: Father my brother is dead.

King Cooler: Destroy Goku! I will find the Dragonballs.

(Back in the Present)

King Kai: While Goku and the others were fighting Cooler, King Cooler got the Dragonballs.

Future Trunks: I will fight them my self!

King Kai: No!!!!!

Future Trunks: Huh?

King Kai: You need some help. I will send you to Yamcha's place.

Future Trunks: (Gets Transported to Yamcha's house)

Puar: Huh?

Yamcha: Who's there Puar?

Puar: I will go check.

Future Trunks: Hey Puar show me where Frieza was killed.

Puar: I will have to tell Yamcha first. Yamcha! Can I get some fresh air!

Yamcha: Sure!

(Future Trunks and Puar fly to the capsule inc.)

Puar: Hey! Anybody home!

Future Trunks: Lets go.

(Goes to Planet Namech in 4 days.)

Puar: I think we should go!

Future Trunks: Look it's Cooler!

Cooler: Well hello!

Future Trunks: Kamehameha!

Cooler: (Blocks it)

(Future Trunks and Cooler starts to fight)

Cooler: (Punches Future Trunks in the jaw.)

Future Trunks: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Goes Super Saiyin)

Cooler: No!!!

Future Trunks: Super Kamehameha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cooler: (Gets a lot of damage but escapes)

Puar: Lets get out of here!

Future Trunks(Super Saiyin): You go. I will stay here.

Puar: But!

Future Trunks(Super Saiyin): Don't worry I will go to King Kai.

Puar: Okay bye uhhh what is your name?

Future Trunks: Trunks.

(Puar goes)

Future Trunks: I have a job to do!

Male Announcer: What will happen next on the Travels of Trunks!

Travels of Trunks Ending Song

Next Episode: Episode 2! Trunks versus King Cooler!

Episode 2

Male Announcer: Last time on The Travel of Trunks: Future Trunks and Puar went to Nameck and was fighting Cooler! Puar left the planet but Trunks stayed and is trying to find Cooler. What wiil happen next on this episode on The Travels of Trunks!

The Travels of Trunks Theme

Male Announcer: Episode 2! Trunks versus King Cooler!

Future Trunks: Man! Where can Cooler be!

Soilder #1:(Fires a blast at Future Trunks)

Future Trunks:(Dodges it)Whoa! Hey you bring it!

Trunks does a Ki Blast at the soilder and kills him instanly.

Future Trunks: What a Bozo!

King Cooler: Jackrie! Get Him!

Trunks and Jackrie rapidly keep on punch each other. Trunks keeps on try to do a Ki Blast but Jackrie keeps on blocking it.

Jackrie: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trunks: You are a Super Saiyin!

Jackrie(Super Saiyin): Yep! And if you are a Super Saiyin come and get me!

Trunks: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackrie(Super Saiyin): Oh good.

Jackrie gets the first move and punches Trunks in the Jaw. Trunks uses tries to kick Jackrie in the face but misses. But instead Trunks crushes Jackries neck which gets him not disabled and slames him to the ground.

Future Trunks(Super Saiyin): Bring it on King Cooler!

King Cooler: Super Kamehameha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Future Trunks: King Kai......(Faints)

King Kai: (Brings Trunks back to his house)

Male Announcer: Will Trunks be healed? Find out on the next episode on The Travels of Trunks!

Travels of Trunks Ending Song

Next Episode: Episode 3!: Trunks Healing!

Episode 3

Male Announcer: Last Time on The Travels of Trunks: Trunks stayed on Nameck to track and kill Cooler. But he was attacked by King Cooler's Forces. Trunks was really hurt from one of King Cooler's Super Kamehamehas and was sent to King Kai's house. What will happen on this episode of the Travels of Trunks!

The Travels of Trunks Theme

Male Announcer: Episode 3!: Trunks Healing!

Future Trunks: Uhhhhh.

King Kai: Trunks. I thouth Yamcha was helping you.

Future Trunks: I thouth I can fight by myself. Uhhhhh.

King Kai: Wow you need alot of help. Just layback.

(At Earth)

Bijoo: Mom, Dad I'm going out!

Bijoo: Man I miss my master.(Stomach Grumbles) Man I'm Hungry!

(At King Kai's House)

Future Trunks: I ready to go back to....

King Kai: You better not say Nameck!

Future Trunks: I was going to say Earth. I'm soooooooooo Hungry!

KIng Kai: (Laughs)

Future Trunks: (Teleports to Earth)

Bijoo: Man that was good fo....

Future Trunks: (Teleports in front of Bijoo)

Bijoo: Man you jerk! You could have gave me a heart attack!

Starts doing weak punches on Trunks.

Boy 1: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Future Trunks: Lets make this a pratice fight ok.

Bijoo: Yeah!

Bijoo smacks Trunks In the face causing him to fall to the ground.

Future Trunks: Uh. you are pretty strong.

Bijoo: I'm just getting started!

Bijoo tries to punch Trunks but misses. Trunks manages to do a Kamehameha and slam Bijoo into a wall making him to weak to fight.

Bijoo: Wow you are a good fighter.

Person 1: Wow this guy beat up our protecter.

Bijoo: You should meet my parents.

(At Bijoo's House)

Bijoo: No! My Parents are dead!

Future Trunks: Who could have... Androids!

Bijoo: What! Androids killed my parents!

Android 15: Oh yes we did!

Bijoo: Yahhhhhh!!!

Bijoo tries to kick Android 15 in the face but gets punched in the face by Android 15.

Future Trunks: Nice to meet you Android 20.

Android 20: Yahhhhhh!!!!

Android 20 starts doing lots of punches but Trunks dodges all of them. Bijoo comes and tries to fight Android 20 but gets hit by Android 15 and landed on his back and his feet stuck in a small hole.

Bijoo: Trunks! Help!

Future Trunks: Don't worry wait for me!

Trunks goes Super Saiyin and does a Super Kamehameha on Android 15 causing him to lose on of his legs. Trunks then does 2 powerful Scizzor Kicks chopping off Android's 20 arms.

Android 20: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Android 15: Let's go for Healing and repairs!

(They fly away)

Future Trunks: Hey Bijoo do you know where Goku is?

Bijoo: I never heard of him!(Starts to cry)

Future Trunks: Dude it's okay.

Bijoo: No! It's not! I lost everything my Master and now my parents!

Future Trunks: But you won't lose me.

Bijoo: Yeah.

Puar: Trunks! You are okay!

Bijoo: Who is this?

Future Trunks: Puar.

Puar: Trunks! Frieza is back and we need your help!

Trunks: Lets go!(Flies away)

Bijoo: Yeah!

(Bijoo and Puar fly away)

Male Announcer: Will Trunks, Bijoo and Puar be able to deafeat Frieza find out on the next episode of The Travels of Trunks!

Travels of Trunks Ending Song

Next Episode: Episode 4: Frieza Returns!

Episode 4

Male Announcer: Last Time on The Travels of Trunks: Trunks and Puar met a new friend named Bijoo and started to fight Android 15 and Android 20. But Frieza returned to Earth and now Trunks, Bijoo and Puar have to fight Frieza. What will happen on the Travels of Trunks.

The Travels of Trunks Theme

Episode 4!: Frieza Returns!

Future Trunks: (Flying) Guys look!

Frieza: (Destroying buildings)

Bijoo: (In the Air) Kamehame........

Frieza quickly comes to his senses and does a blast on Bijoo.

Puar: Bijoo!

Future Trunks: Puar go help Bijoo! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!(Turns into a Super Saiyin)

Frieza: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!(Turns into Transformation 1)

Trunks starts punching Frieza but Frieza continues dodging. Frieza teleports behind Trunks but Trunks turns around and grabs Frieza's Tail and throws him into a building.

Frieza(TF1): Uh.(Spits blood) Wow I never seen a Saiyin that strong.

Future Trunks(SS1): And you are gonna die! Kamehame.....

Frieza: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

King Cold apperars out of nowhere and punches Trunks to the ground.

Frieza: Father!

King Cold: Lets get out of here!

  • Frieza and King Cold disapper*

Bijoo: Uhh. What happend?

Puar: Frieza escaped!

Future Trunks: Well we have to go home and rest!

Male Announcer: What will happen next time on The Travels of Trunks!

Travels of Trunks Ending Song

Next Episode!: Episode 5! Puar's Secret!

Episode 5

Male Announcer: Last Time on The Travels of Trunks: Trunks, Bijoo and Puar were ready to face Frieza. Now Puar has a little secret not to tell his best friend Yamcha. What will happen next on The Travels of Trunks!

The Travels of Trunks Theme

Male Announcer: Episode 5! Puar's Secret!

  • At a resturant*

Future Trunks: *Eats*

Bijoo: Should we be worried about Puar. *Eats*

Future Trunks: *Stops Eating* No I don't think so.

  • At the Kame House*

Yamcha: Hi Krillin is Master Roshi home?

Krillin: No.

Yamcha: Hey Puar you look hurt what happend?

Puar: Oh I was doing my first fight with a bunch of gangsters! Showed them who is boss. *Acts Proud*

Yamcha: *Sighs* Well you know what maybe we should have a little fight.

Krillin: I want to fight too!

Puar: You and Yamcha go first.

  • Gohan arrives*

Gohan: Can I fight too!

Yamcha: Sure!

Puar: Oh no.

  • At Bijoo's House*

Bijoo: So Trunks let's pratice!

Bijoo startss to punch Trunks.

Future Trunks: Wait!

Bijoo: Huh?

Future Trunks: Jackrie!

  • At the city*

Bijoo: Come out Jackrie!

Jackrie: *Comes out of nowhere and punches Bijoo*

Bijoo: Hey!!!!!! *Finds his true pontential* Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!

Future Trunks: You found your true pontential Bijoo!

Bijoo: Ka... me..... ha...... me...... ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackrie: *Gets hit* Uhhh *Flies away*

Future Trunks: Well that was weird.

Male Announcer: Bijoo has found his true pontential! What will happen next on the travels of trunks!

Travels of Trunks Ending Song

Next Episode!: Episode 6 Namek is Still Standing!

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