This article, The T-Fighters, is a Role-Play article.

This article, The T-Fighters, is a Role-Play article.

This character, The T-Fighters, is a main Lookout RP character!

This article, The T-Fighters, is property of Maroyasha.

The T-Fighters are a group of fighters that are a subgroup of the Lookout Crew.

Team Members

Team Attacks

  • T-Ultimate Blast
  • Future Kamehameha




The T-Fighters were formed the day Ian went evil and attacked. Topazo and Trenyo joined forces with Gogi and others and fought Ian. After Trenyo was killed Gogi became 2nd in command. Then Trenyo Jr. became appointed Co-2nd in command with Gogi. When Gogi or TJ wasn't around, Chiller would fill in. But that was a rare occasion. Now, after Topazo, Gogi, and Ryuu's death, the 1st generation of members ended. We are currently in the 2nd gen of fighters.

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