The embodiment of the words; "You're F*cked"

The Supremeness Over 9000
is the ultimate transformation in existence used solely by TOAA and anybody that he bestows it on. It is NOT an rp form(sorry ian, maybe next time). All his previous characters look like tiny little pathetic worm babies compared to this one even if they were all at max power(no such thing) and had fused into a single absolute being they would not amount to the Supremeness's fingernail. The Supremeness may only say 9000, but thats only because its not possible to write a number that is 9000 times beyond infinity(also to the infinity power for infinity times). TOAA only uses this when hanging out in the lookout chat and does it to ward of self righteous noobs who think they are the next big thing on the wiki.

Usage and Power

The rage and anger aswell as the anguish and sheer emotional strain of not being able to protect the Chat and the wiki from trolls and uneducated noobs had finally reached a breaking point, and TOAA exploded into this new form. Shortly after the wiki's first spotlight aired on wikia, the place became infested with trolls, but more then that, and arguably more annoying was the fact that an innumerably number of hotheads and rookie's each being as overconfident, self important, and headstrong as the last began to flood the chat. Day after day they would flood in and speak of defeating all characters and being the strongest in the universe, and the festering hatred and annoyance finally boiled over in TOAA, thus The Supremeness Over 9000 was born.

Many have foolhardy trolls and noobs have fallen victim to the limitless, cataclysmic wrath of this form, though it is rarely ever seen. Even in the "Golden Days" of the Lookout Crew, the form went unnamed and almost entirely unknown about. Arguably the most impressive display of power in this form was when TOAA one-shotted a sock belonging to Metrosexualhipster4u, a sock of which was ridiculously overpowered, without so much as a single blink of the eyes its direction. After this, he continually revived the godmodded under sheer power of will, just so he could kill him over and over again. Pray that you won't ever push TOAA to this form of limitless power.

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