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The Supreme Adventure! is a Wiki fanon wrote by Ultra Kuzon. The fanon will have mostly users' RP characters (read below for more info) and some will make debuts. Leave a comment with your character's info and a pic and you will be in it. In order to be in it, you must have a Role-Play character so you can have a easier role and an attacks list and valuable info (that's a Wiki RP rule anyway). That is all and I will do the rest. That's really all. ~Edit: Mars, SS, are both now not admins. And Ian is now an Admin~

Main Characters

Major Characters

Minor Characters


It is a cold, harsh winter on Earth...It is December, everyone is snug in their blankets with the radios on. While the Lookout Crew, on the Lookout, are enjoying some TV and training, while wondering when it will ever stop snowing...This is where the story of the Lookout Crews' Supreme Adventure begins...


On the Lookout...

"Woah...It is white out there!" Kuzon said as he looks out the window at the freezing snow dropping on the Lookout outside.

"When it stops snowing, I'll be able to actually go out and train in a good terrain. I feel my arms getting flabby." says Mars as he pokes his flabby arm. "Until then I have to use Ki to warm it or train with Ian or someone..."

"Is that supposed to be offensive?" Asked Ian.

"Not unless you want it to be..." Says Goten.

"Hey! Now is no time to fight." Said Kuzon.

"There is nothing else to do around here but train under the Lookout and I've had enough of that for now.." Said Goten. "It's not really fun around here right now, no good TV shows or anything.."

"Ah! Hey guys, that was a good shower (content)." says Zion walking out of the bathroom with a towel around him, "What's up?"

"Nothin', just thinking..." says Kuzon to Zion.

"I've been thinking too. It is pretty boring around here in the winter...hmmm..." Muttered Zion as he walks over to the window and looks out. "I think I might just have an idea...well three. I want you guys to vote."

"Okay, what are they?" Asks Ian.

"We can train in the snow, write a book about training, or go camping. Raise your hands. Who wants Snow training?" Requests Zion.

Nobody raised their hands for it...

"Okay, writing a book?" Requests Zion again.

Again, no one raises their hands...

"Okay, finally, who wants to go camping?" Finally requests Zion.

Everyone raises their hands....

"Uhhhh...okay. I will call Azaela, Ryu, Michael A.K.A. Mike, Ryutaros, Zero and Jac Maca and some others, and see if they wanna come. I'm sure they're just as lonely and bored as us." Says Zion to everyone. "SS, KAMIKO!!!!! COME ON!!!!"

"What now?! I'm trying to read a damn book about martial arts!" Yells SS from his room down the hall, "What are we doing?!"

"We're going camping! :D" Says Zion.

"......Damn" Says SS.

So the Lookout crew called everyone else who wasn't at the Lookout and then head out to find an RV..

In the small mini van...

Michael Iron (Mike): (drinks Grape Juice) Ahh.. Emoticon_cool.png

Zion: (looks at Mike) -_- (holds up Water)

Mike: ...?

Kuzon: (driving the car listening to 70s disco while trying to eat waffles) Mmmm Emoticon_content.png

SS: Kuzon, you're going to wreck the car..

Kuzon: (waffles in his mouth) I got it! (almost drives off road into woods)

Everyone: Facepalm_by_shadow696-d38k12i.gif

The van wiggles down the road as the crew enter Satan City..they soon find themselves at some guys car lot selling RV's for some cheap money

Zion: (standing outside the van looking over the cheapest RV, with the others stand beside him) Hmmm (hand on chin)....We'll take it!

Others: (look at him crazy like) Sighemote.png

Zion: ..... Emoticon_laughing.png ..

So they buy the RV for some cheap money, the RV is pretty cheap, price AND look, but they survive, and now they're cruisin' down the road..

Kuzon: (pulls out a Doobie Brothers CD)

SS: Don't even try playing that stuff.

Kuzon: Respect the hits man! (puts in CD and the Doobie Brothers come on for a slight second, but it breaks and ants start crawling out of the CD thing) Eek

Mars: Told ya this van was cheap-ass

Zion: Comon guys, at least it is comfy! (sits on table chair and it breaks) ... Emoticon_laughing.png ....

Everyone: Once again......

Mike: (walks to Ian) Hey, I want some of those chips

Ian: (eating chips on table) No! (protects bag)

Mike: Emoticon_angry.png You asstrucker! Give me the chip! (tackles Ian)

Ian: AH! (chips spill on dirty floor) O.O

Mike and Ian both stare at the chips on the floor, then look at each other

......Mike jumps on the floor and grabs the chips which Ian grabs from his hands and teleports across the RV, Mike punches Ian and gets the bag but Ian kicks him on da ground!

Ian: (eats chips you bag happily) YOU asstrucker. (walks back to table with attitude in his step, a chip lands on Mikes head out of nowhere)

Mike: (looks and eats) (looks at Ian) ...

Ian: ;)

Mike: .....Assbutcher.

A little later, Domon pops out of the bathroom happy

Ryutaros: What you all happy 'bout?

Domon: I just had a good day Emoticon_content.png

Ryutaros: Uhhh IDK- Oh! ....Ok man Emoticon_yes.png

Mike: What does he mean? I don't get it

Ian: You will one day-

Everyone is interrupted by the RV's instant halt on the road

SS: The heck was that?

Kuzon: Hehe, there is a big bear in front of us! Emoticon_laughing.png

Everyone: ..o.o

Everyone goes up to the front windshield and stares at it

Ian: Hehe, it is staring at me

Kamiko: Uhh, why is he looking at me?

Ian: (examines) ...Hehe, he is looking somewhere under your neck Giggle.gif

SS: ..............

All the guys crack up, except Mike

Bear outside: (looking at Kamikos cleavage) Lustemote.gif

SS: OH NO HE DOESN'T (busts through window out to Bear)

SS kicks the Bear in the ass. The bear tackles SS who picks up the bear and throws him into the woods, SS then flies back into the RV

SS: Damn wildlife, keep drivin, I gotta take a poop.

Kamiko: ...This is why I don't go into the forest much..

Everyone keeps on the road, it is not long until they get to a highway in the middle of the country, near a large camping spot, where you enter the woods and go camp in the woods. The gang get park and get out of the RV and follow Kuzon to a little shady spot on the side of the road.

Kuzon: (has camping gear on looking through forest) Ah yes, (sniffs a lot) the beautiful smell of pine and bear meat..

SS: You can smell that good?

Kuzon: Mhm Emoticon_content.png My best sense next to sight.

SS: ...Ok then.

Mars: Speaking of which, where is Ryutaros? (looks up) Oh there he is.

Everyone sees Ryutaros in heavy camping gear snow sledding off a mountain and through the air

Ryutaros: Emoticon_cool.png

Ryutaros finally lands next to the crew stiff and froze... Everyone: O.o

Ian: (pokes him and he is froze) Hehe (keeps poking)

Ryutaros heats to melt the ice

Ryutaros: (pokes Ian in the nose)

Ian: ...Creepy, but awesome Emoticon_yes.png

Ryutaros: I know right Emoticon_yes.png

Kuzon: (heads down a trail) Well, we best get going, get there before night fall!

SS: (gulp) -.- (walks into woods)

Everyone walks into the deep woods on foot, unaware of what's ahead..'


Kuzon: Ah! (about to pull out a cookie and eat, before Mars stops him) Hey! What was that for?? Emoticon_sad.png

Mars: You idiot, you don't just pull out food or sweets in the middle of the woods and eat it, there are bears and animals with great senses of smells all around!

Kuzon: I guess you right.. Emoticon_sad.png

Mars: Like usual (troll face)

Azalea: Hehe

Kuzon: ........Carrying on (continues walking, still dying to eat)

SS: (looks around) It is upon late. The moon is going down. Fast actually.. (Moon goes down super fast) It is now night...ahem..

All of a sudden, the crew hears a man's singing nearby in the woods..

SS: Kuzon, you better not be jingling along to that Show and Tell by Al Wilson on your iPod again..that song is too jingly.

Kuzon: No, I don't know what that is..-

All of a sudden, a Tarzan like noise is heard coming close and a wildman with no shirt pops out of a tree on a swinging vine and smashes into Kuzon, throwing him into the woods

SS: Da hell was that?

Everyone looks into the bushes where they landed and they see Kuzon getting up and the Tarzan like man injured by smashing into a tree hard

Zion: Why Hello, wildman of the forest Wave_emoticon.gif

Wildman: O_O OH Emoticon_angry.png (jumps on four legs and howls like a monkey)

Everyone: ?

Wildman: O.o ...... (starts dancing) Tumblr_lf1kfwPnSK1qgr42no1_250.gif

Everyone: ....O_O

Wildman: (dances away)

SS: .......AWKWARD.....

So the crew continue walking through the forest, and it soon hits Midnight, and they find a flat spot in the woods to lay tent and sleep..

Mars: (carrying Azalea on back while she sleeps) ...I think I see a place to stop ahead...

Kuzon: (asleep almost with a large bubble in his nose going in and out) CHHAA hoo....Oh OH, (stops) uhhh (looks ahead) I think I see a spot ahead Emoticon_content.png

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