The Spirit Animal (Da Spirit Animal) is a character created by TeamFourStar in the Dragon Ball Z Abridged Parody Series. The Spirit Animal is a small crab-like creature that appears on planet Namek during Frieza's one-sided battle with Vegeta. Apparently, The Spirit Animal speaks telepathically, and has a Jamaican accent when doing so. The Spirit Animal also appears during Frieza's battle with Goku.


The Spirit Animal is a mysterious small aquatic crab-like creature that apparently possesses insight that could allow Vegeta to defeat Frieza. However, before the spirit animal could disclose this secret to Vegeta, he is eaten alive in cold blood by Frieza. The Spirit Animal also appears during Goku's battle with Frieza in The Dragon Ball Z Abridged Series, falling out of Frieza's ear, showing that he had survived.

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