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The Serenum Games is a tournament.


Users are chosen to battle to the death. The users who won these battles will fight until one is left. The prize? Three million Zeni, a mansion, riches for life, etc. The games are fought in a massive life like arena: handled by Gamers. Anyone could die.

More Specific

In the first part, two users' names will be chosen to fight to the death. One user comes back alive and one dies. When that is finished, users receive a ten minute break.

After that, users fight to the death until two are left to fight with the Gamers. The Gamers will kill one of them and the one left is the winner.


  • No help from anyone..except for spirit bombs.
  • Fight using anything, EXCEPT.. guns or swords.
  • Zanpakuto are forbidden and Marty Stu's or Mary Sue's will be killed by the Gamers.
  • If you try to leave you will be killed by the Gamers.

People In



Domon Kasshu


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