The Ryutaros Legacy is a fanon written by TOAA. I have no idea what i'm doing or where i'm going with this but it will tell the story of my (possible) new character named Ryutaros.

Chapter 1: "History Repeats"

-The camera is in space viewing earth. a total of 4 Saiyan pods fall to earths atmosphere and touch down. They all land in a neat pile not too far from eachother creating a small explosion dome in the process. Each saiyan pod is dark black with a royal saiyan symbol on the side, showing they are different from the ones king vegeta made use of during the time of the saiyans. The pods come open and 4 saiyan warriors step out, Bender, Macro, Sylar, and the leader, Fujin-

Bender: I'll never get used to that landing.

Macro: Why does Lord Arad keep us awake anyway?, its so boring...

Sylar: You two are embaressing. Its part of the mental training. A true saiyan warrior can endure any pain.

Fujin: Stop messng around, Lets get to work here.

Bender: Ok

-The troop of saiyans fly off towards a city and touch down in the middle of the street, holding up traffic and causing dissaray-

Fujin: You handle this howerver you want, i'm going to scout the area

Bender: Ok, so just some mindless slaughter to show we're serious... my favourite part of the day.

-A person gets out of the car and walks up to bender-

Person: What the hell are you doing just standing in the middle of the road!?, move it!

Bender: Yeah, you'll do for the first victim...

-Bender charges a small energy blast causing the man to run but he throws it and the blast mercilessly turns him to vapor and generates an explosion that obliterates a few cars on the street. Hearing that and seeing the horror everyone panics and begins to run away, screaming SAIYANS!!, SAIYAAANS!!. Meanwhile miles away, Mystic Gohan senses a sudden disturbance-

Gohan: That power... could it be more saiyans?

-With that gohan teleports close to the signature to find destruction and dissaray along with dead bodies all over. He grits his teeth in anger and sails to the ground cautiously walking around. Gohan is very aware of his surroundings and makes sure to be wary around every corner. Sylar suddenly soars out of a nearby building and lariats gohan into a truck causing it to dent in and tip over. Bender appears and attempts to drop kick gohan in the gut from above but gohan swerves causing benders feet to go into the truck. Before gohan can react he gets blasted from behind by Macro sending him into a gas station and blowing it up-

Macro: Hahah, like shooting fish in a barrel

-gohan suddenly appears behind macro not very damaged at all-

Gohan: For a marksman you sure have terrible aim

-Gohan tries to roundhouse macro but the saiyan warrior catches the mystics leg and tosses him into the air where sylar and bender start to attack him. Gohan raises his power significantly as they simultaneously try to attack him from both sides. The super fast exchange goes on for a bit before gohan releases an explosive wave forcing them away as the saiyans regroup-

Gohan: So i was right, you guys really are saiyans... why are you here?, who sent you?

Bender: Haha, does it really matter?, the moment you decided to come here, your fate was decided...

Sylar: Hehe, but he's no pushover, he used instant movement to get out of range of the explosion earlier... crushing this one will be fun to say the least.

Macro: Lets give him the honor of getting sent to the next world by Alad's royal henchman.

-Macro smiles and raises his hand charging a purple blast, but before he can do anything gohan appears infront of him and smashes him in the gut forcing him over his shoulder-

Bender: ...Thats fast...

Gohan: Sorry to disappoint, but i too have the blood of a saiyan coursing through my veins... i'm not about to let a group of invaders wreak any more chaos on the planet i call home!

-Gohan, smashes macro down to the ground causing him to bounce a bit and make a smaller crater. He wastes no time throwing a ki wave at the downed saiyan, obliterating his body into ashen shards in an instant-

Bender: MACRO!!

Sylar: ...You little insect... HOW DARE YOU!!

-Bender and Sylar raise their powers to their max and rush gohan. Gohan tries to keep up but i sustains a few hits and his concentration gets thrown off as he gets slammed to the ground. Bender soars down and grabs gohans heel throwing him down the street and into a bank lobby. Gohan tries to get up but is distracted by a ki blast coming his way obliterating the entire building as gohan comes out of the rubble with a heavily torn ki, Sylar and Bender are focused around him again-

Sylar: You'll pay for taking Lord Arads elite so lightly!!

Bender; Thats right!, we are through playing around with you!

Gohan: You both keep mentioning that name... i suppose thats the one who sent you.

-The two saiyans don't respond and begin charging attacks from both sides-

Sylar and Bender: OBLITERATION CLASH!!

-they fire their team move at gohan and obliterate the entire city block even though they are in the air as the entire area gets bathed in a huge light. When the smoke clears only the two saiyan invaders are left-

Gohan: that all?... don't get me wrong, it was a good attack, you even forced me to the max power of my mystic form with it... if i didn't go to my full, that might've hurt... but this is where your time ends!!

-The two saiyans begin to laugh-

Bender: Resisting that move is the worst thing you could have done...

Sylar: Indeed, people who get past that move die horribly against us... i think its time to show you the true extent of lord arads royal saiyan warriors!!

Gohan: ...True extent?

-The two saiyans begin raising their power and suddenly transform into super saiyans. Their hair ecomes bright golden yellow and their tails unwrap from their wastes as they stare at him with an evil grin-

Gohan: ...S-...Super Saiyan!?

Bender: Correct. I see you're not stupid, but that doesn't matter. The look on your face says you cant equal this power.

Gohan: Don't be so sure. Its true i cant transform, but i became a mystic thanks to the guys. Right now i might even be stronger then a super saiyan 3!

Sylar: Tch, big words for a transformationless chump!, lets put them to the test!!

Chapter 2: "A New Warrior"

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