The Ryutaros Canvas is technically an incarnation of Ryutaros. This is a comedy-like page and exists due to the fact that Ryutaros constantly changes as a character with the author incapable of making a solid decision on what he wants to do with his character. This page will clump every last idea into one arbitrary chaos, and is more of a test page to see what idea's work and what dont. This page will (hopefully) help the author advance his character, Ryutaros as well as possible, aswell as inform other users.

Inspiration Process

The Author, RyutarosLegacy always likes to have a great deal of theming and inspiration woven into his character. This helps the character to constantly grow better and bigger. Many things have inspired Ryutaros throughout the years, the most prominent being japanese anime and manga. Ryutaros wants to incorporate different aspects and inspiration sourches from Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Toriko, Dragon Ball Z Itself, Bastard, Saint Seiya, Shaman King, Sailor Moon, Tenjou Tenge, Gamaran, Gintama, and many, MANY more. Other japanese mediums have moved him to inspiration such as Visual Kei J-Rock, particularly the frightening eroguro kei genre. Others such as Religious Beliefs in the christian mythology system, ranging from judaism to demonology, but most prominently asian beliefs.


Powers & Abilities


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