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Nikad: *Wakes up* Another Day another tournament.

Majuub: Thank goodness you are awake we need you to attend a tournament for us.

Nikad: Why?

Majuub: I need to go to a meeting with Gohan, Goten, Pan, Bulma, Bulla and Vegeta.

Nikad: Fine.

(Skips to Tournament)

Announcer: Time to Figure out who's Versing who! *Picks out of the Box without Looking* 7!

Nikad: *Is 8*

Guy #7: You ready to lose Nikad? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Skips To battle)

Guy #7: *Runs to Nikad* *Jumps* *Punches him in the Face*

Nikad: *Unfazed and standing still* *Silent* 

Guy #7: *Rapidly Punches Nikad* 

Nikad: *Unfazed* *Flicks him out of bounds* 

Announcer: Out of Bounds! Number 2, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 11 will be making it to the Second Round!

Guy #5: Nikad you are going to lose so hard you won't know what hit you HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nikad: *Punches Him out of the Ring* :) 

Announcer: Out of Bounce! 3 8 and 11 will be making it to the Third Round! Who ever wins Against 3 and 8 will get to face 11 Hercule!

Crowd: *Yells very Loud* YEAH!

Guy #3: I will beat you! *Rushes*

Nikad: *Slaps him* *Sends him Flying back*

Announcer: Out of bounce! 

Hercule: Ohh man Stomach ache! 

Announcer: Can you still fight?

Hercule: I don't think I can! D: *Faking*

Nikad: So...can I take my money now?

Announcer: Yeah here's 20 grand. 

Kinacha: *Lands on Earth* Heh....

Yamcha: Who are you?

Kinacha: *Tests Power Level* 2,300...

Yamcha: *Powers up* Heh what do you think now?

Kinacha: 272,520....Weak. 

Yamcha: *Goes Full Power* Heh.

Kinacha: 252,572,301...Weak. 

Yamcha: What?! *Attacks* 

Kinacha: *Goes Behind* *Elbows Yamcha* *Backflip* *Blast* 

Yamcha: *Dies* 

Kinacha: What a piece of trash.

Nikad: Wow I sense a HUGE power level! *Flies Home* 

Announcer: Hey! You forgot your cash! 

Nikad: I'll come back to get it. *Flies Away* 

Bulla: Do you sense that Honey?

Goten: Yeah it's so powerful! 

Majuub: We better go and Meet that Monster.

Vegeta: Whatever it is I can kill it.

(To Battle* 

Kinacha: Oh...A group with huge power levels have appeared...accept for *Points to Bulla*. 


Kinacha: Oh you want to fight?

Song Plays:

Hikari: *Epic Appearance* No. I want to kill you. 

Kinacha: HAHAHAHA You think you can kill me? 

Nikad: *Appears* Nice Appearance Hikari. 

Vegeta: You know this guy? 

Majuub: This guy looks exactly like me! but Taller.

Hikari: *Attacks Kinacha* *Kicks*

Kinacha: *Is Knocked Back* You're more Stronger then I thought.

Hikari: >:) Thanks.

Kinacha: *Blasts Hikari*

Hikari: *Is Blasted* X_X

Kinacha: Hahahahah!

Nikad: *Goes SSJ* No you won't hurt my Friend! 

Hikari: *Stands up without a Scratch* *Big Smile On Face* 

Kinacha: ENOUGH OF THIS NON-SENSE! *Charges Death Beam*

Song Plays:

Kinacha: THIS OUGHTA BLOW YOUR PLANET UP! *Fires at the Ground* 

Nikad: *Instant Transmission* 

Hikari: Oh S- .

Song Plays:

Bulla: *Grabs Sword* *Deflects Beam with Sword* 

Nikad: Damn...... 

Pan: *Attacks Kinacha* *Punches him Back* 

Kinacha: *Attacks Vegeta* *Punches Him Rapidly* 

Vegeta: *Is Punched 163 Miles Back* *Tries To Turn SSJ7* 

Nikad: *Turns SSJ7* Heh.

Song Plays:

Vegeta: I have failed at Surpassing Kakarot....I WON'T FAIL THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!! *Tries To Turn SSJ7*

Nikad: Huh? 

Vegeta: *Turns SSJ* *Turns SSJ2* *Turns SSJ4* *Turns SSJ5* *Turns SSJ6* YAAAAAA!!! *Tries to Go SSJ7 But Doesn't do it*!!!!

Nikad: *Attacks Kinacha* *Kicks Kinacha 20 Miles High* *Instant Transmission*

Kinacha: *Wipes Blood Off* Grr!! 

Nikad: *Punches Kinacha Rapidly* 

Kinacha: *Is Punched Rapidly* 

Vegeta: .....*Rage*

Hikari: *Kamehameha x10 Outta Nowhere* 

Kinacha: *Is Blasted* 

Hikari: *Flies Up* 

Nikad: Nice of you to Join the Fun.

Kinacha: I'm Getting Real Tired of This...*Transformation* *Powers up* 

Song Plays:

Nikad: Time to Finish you Off.

Vegeta: YAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Goes SSJ7* *Epic Look in Face* 

Nikad: :O 

Goten: Everyone Finish him off with your Ultimate Attack! *Goes SSJ5* *Charges Super Kamehameha*

Bulla: *Makes Ki Slash* *Makes it Still*

Song Plays:

Nikad: *Charges Super Final Galick Kamehameha Gun x100* 

Vegeta: *Charges Final Shine Attack x300* 

(After Everyone Has Charges their Ultimate Attack)

Everyone: *Fires at the Sky*

(All Attacks Become One Looking like a Spirit Bomb)

Nikad: *Holds Powerful Spirit Bomb*

Kinacha: No we can talk this out!

Nikad: *Fires* 

Kinacha: *Holds Spirit Bomb* Who....Are you?!

Nikad: I am the Future Hero, I am the bacon for all living things that cry out for hunger, I am truth. I AM SON NIKAD ALLIED TO GOOD! NIGHTMARE TO YOU!


Song Plays:

Hikari: *Fires Ki Blast At Spirit Bomb to make it Stronger* 

(2v1 Final Battle)

Kinacha: *Let's Go of Spirit Bomb* *Dies*

(Huge Explosion)

Nikad: Yes...It's over...*falls* 

Hikari: *Falls*

The End 

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