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This article, The Lookout Superhero League, is a Role-Play article.

The Lookout Justice League or just simply referred to as "The Justice League" is the title given to the group of Supreme Dragon Ball User Warriors that come together to take on the role of superheroes. The group was technically founded by SS as he was the first one to be a DC superhero out of all other users on the wiki.

List of Heroes

PhantomSilverShenron: Batman/Batman One Million/All Other Incarnations of The Batman.

T.O.A.A/Tenchi: Superman/Pre Crisis Superman/Superboy Prime/Superman Prime One Million/All other incarnations of Superman.

Kamiko: Batgirl

Video King: Thor

Ethan: Nightwing

Kuzon: Iron Man

Striker: The Hulk

Micheal Iron: Captain America

Ian: Spiderman

Mars: Wolverine

The saiyan princess: Wonder woman

Geti186: The Midgard Serpent

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