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The Lookout Art Museum is a large collection of art, tradition and culture spanning large interstellar distances. Some of the portraits, abstract drawings and other forms of expressionistic paintings have been added here by members of the renowned Lookout Crew. It contains art from various time periods, spanning from even the first stone tools to recent, highly complicated graphically designed works of art. This Museum, being concentrated so heavily with art, brings in tourists, and despite it falling in to less attention since the 375 years before the beginning of the Neo Lookout Crew era of Earth's history (and thus artists and investments have become less interested in the Museum), recent efforts by several artists, including the Vitellian King , Yamato Sotaru, have attempted to revive it, starting by donating masterpieces to the art gallery to raise the Museum's value.

The Art Museum has recently become the centre of media-wide attention during a friendly artistic competition between Yamato Sotaru and the King of Nkidia, Neki . Yamato, eventually winning, sold his masterpiece and invested 75% of the resulting funds back into the Museum to help bring it back to its former glory, planning to do his best to revive the artistic quality of Earth's skilled artists. As a result, the Art Museum has recently recieved an increase in tourists, benefitting the Museum and Earth.

Some of the art from the original Lookout Crew are displayed underneath:

  • A young Eldreyn Maiden at the beach
  • A rather old painting from the year 1132. Artist is unknown.
  • A model of an Old Airship from the Year 1287

Among the Original Lookout Crew's long travels, they have discovered beings beyond the fourth wall that also do what can roughly be considered drawings and sketchings, even painting and such and have decided to add them to the Museum.

The Original Lookout Crew had even managed to retrieve many artifacts, and stored them within this building.

  • Authentic Paleolithic Artifact Stone Blade Knife
  • Ancient greek artifact
  • Ancient artifact Persian Gold ornamental stylized animal, the entire surface covered with a raised circular patterns
  • Ancient Celtic bronze "Warrior" breastplate applique

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