"For a brighter f'uture.... whatever the cost"

The Lookout Anti Heroes are a select group of vigilante's that are members of the wiki. They defy and directly oppose the totalitarianist ways of the government that runs the Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki, and are not on the sides of the super hero league, or the villain league, but are inbetween. They do what they do to get justice whatever the cost may be. They do not discriminate and treat all equally, but the media has bastardized them and made them out to be menaces. They each believe the rules of the wiki are leftist, and only support certain individuals and ideals, and were founded after sexual abuse on the wiki going ignored by admins.

They call their brand of justice "Mob Justice" and it is their motto and war cry when going after a villain or a person they believe should be punished.


  • Ryutaros
  • LT
  • Jeff
  • Kotsu
  • Mars
  • SS
  • Hisana

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