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The Lighthawk Sword is the strongest form of Tenchi's Lighthawk Wing Technique. Each Lighthawk Wing has the power to erase the universe. The Lighthawk sword is created by focusing 5 Lighthawk wings into one incredibly powerful weapon. The Lighthawk Sword was wielded temporarily by Tench's Emperor Form, but he did not obtain actual mastery of manifesting it for many years to come.

Usage & Power

The Lighthawk sword is a heavily upgraded and perfect version of The Lighthawk Wings. Like its predecessors the Sword has the ability to slice through anything and destroy it by "reducing it to zero and beneath" with its incredible denial of existance powers. However, one Lighthawk wing is known to have enough power to destroy the universe. Tenchi's Sword is created from the power of 5 different wings fused into a single blade. The Lighthawk Sword can destroy matter and defend from any form of outside attack, but it is even more powerful than its previous seperated forms. The Swords blade glows with an intense godly wraithlike light which can burn to be as bright as a white dwarf star.

Over the course of the series, the Lighthawk sword appears in several different manifestations, such as the dragonic form it took on when tenchi ascended to his God Supplice state.

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