This article, The Last Warrior, is a Fan-Fiction article.

The Last Warrior
Directed by SupremeLegacy
Produced by SupremeLegacy
Planning by SupremeLegacy
Written by SupremeLegacy
Narrated by SupremeLegacy
Starring SupremeLegacy
Chara design SupremeLegacy
Music by SupremeLegacy
Editing by SupremeLegacy
Distributed by SupremeLegacy
Release date(s) TBA
Running time 30:00
Country NA


Language(s) English
Preceded by None
Followed by TBA
The Last Warrior is a book series by SupremeLegacy and plotted around TLW Timeline, before Lookout. It's based around a young man named who is based off the user, SupremeLegacy. Recurring characters in the series are based off of users on this wiki. 


  1. The Last Warrior Book 1


The plot is based around modern times of year 2026 where soldiers, and war has died out yet crime, violence, and murder still happens throughout the world and one kid named Derick must stand up, and stop it. The reason he has to stop it is because he was born a natural fighter, and trained as a child until every soldier died out and no one could stop the problems through the world. He's on a journey to find the rest of the warriors in the world to help stop all the crime, violence, and murder.

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