This article, The Kuzon Power, is a Role-Play article.

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This article, The Kuzon Power, is a Role-Play article.

The Kuzon Power was the psuedo-empire organization created by evil Lord Kuzon on Planet Cilibe (renamed Kuzon) with the intent of universal domination, composed of many space alien warriors that he contacted (that he knew before the Saiyan genocide). They were destroyed by the Lookout Crew in 1047 along with Lord Kuzon himself.

When Lord Kuzon and his spouse (Oora) escaped from Planet Vegeta before its destruction, they landed on Planet Cilibe. The planet's inhabitants are very intelligent and created powers to rival the forces of nature. Lord Kuzon, of course, was much more powerful in actual strength than them, therefore, took over and enslaved them. He then banished his wife and kids.Lord Kuzon created an organization ruled by him, and used and harvested their power for his own good, where it was once used for the universe (such as granting him eternal life until he would be killed, which is why he lived to be over 300 years old).

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