The Kagemusha Clan, from highest to lowest; Daimao, Tengoku, Tenchimaru, and Tenma Kagemusha.

The Kagemusha Clan
(, Kagemusha Ichizoku; Lit. "Family of Dark Warriors") are an almost extinct family of extremely powerful masters of the fist that were known as the single most infamous and deadly beings on the face of the planet during the years of ancient and mythical earth. Due to their limitless potential and power that would eventually consume everything, they were obliterated and betrayed by fellow fighting clans that they were in a truce with before they could become too powerful.

They had secret and Dark Arts that were considered incredibly dangerous and sacriledge by the standards of other clans, which transformed members of the Kagemusha Clan into Dragon-like Devils, and for this reason they gained the infamous title of "Family of Oni's". The last known remaining clan member is Tenchi, though he refuses to acknowledge his Kagemusha blood and does not at all use the family name.

Clan Members

The Kagemusha clan has since bee erased out of history but the truth is that the demon gods blood still flows, within Tenchi himself. Tenchi is ashamed of the dark blood coursing through his veins and refuses to acknowledge the existance of his clan. He is cured to forever carry the wishes of vengeance and malevolent spirits upon his shoulders until he fulfills his dark destiny.

Daimao Kagemusha

Daimao is one of the most prominent figureheads in the history their clans dynasty. And is the highest one see in the picture provided. His demonic blood and dark arts run so fierce that his entire body was transformed into something even more fearsome than the devil itself. Daimao is the Great-Great Grandfather of Tenchi.

Tengoku Kagemusha

Tengoku is the second highest in the picture provided. He is not as powerful as his father Daimao, but due to the demon blood coursing in his veins his hair still has the stark white characteristics of his fathers in some places. He is the Great Grandfather of Tenchi. ===Tenchimaru Kagemusha === Tenchimaru is Tenchi's Grandfather, and was the person that Tenchi was named after by his own father.

Tenma Kagemusha

Tenma Kagemusha is the father of Tenchi.

Tenchi Kagemusa

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