The Heavens And The Earth is a HUGE fanon written by Resident Admin T.O.A.A. The series is an Alternate Universe setting of Dragonball and Tenjou Tenge fused together. There are no saiyans, as the series focuses more on martial arts than blasting. There will be no users aside from TOAA's character Tenchi features in the series.


Theme Music - "Never Ending Story"


-It was the new year at toudou academy, a place where only one those whom had the potential to become the very strongest attended. The inaugeration ceremony had just finished and the new First Years were getting their barings in their current situation.

Masataka: Its good to see such fresh faces, eh senpai?

Maya: Perhaps, but i can tell eagerness from cockiness, most of these faces will be lucky if they aren't punches in by the end of the day..

Masataka: Hehe, senpai, so serious... eh?

-Masataka notices somebody in the corner. There stood one tall figure in a hood leaning against a wall away from the cliques that had formed. He took out a lollipop, unrwapped it, and shoved it in his mouth, his features hidden behind the hood, leaving the wrapper to fall to the ground-

Masataka: Hm, he looks confused... perhaps we should help him eh senpai?... -no answer- ...Sen-

-Masataka looks back only to see the outline of where the small girl accompanying him was-

Maya: Excuse me...

-The hooded figure turns to face the petite girl, uttering a low "hm?" noise-

Masataka: O.O

Maya: Yareyare... look at you, you've already broken a few of toudou academy's rules... out of uniform... littering... and outside food...

Masataka:-sweatdrops- Senpai... its not good to be so direct...

Maya: But seing as you are a new first year i'll take it easy on you. But there is no candy allowed on school ground. So i'm afraid i'm going to have to ask you to hand it ov-

???: Get Bent.

Masataka: :O

-a vein pops in maya's head as she gets mad and clenches her fist-

Masataka: He's done it now... goodbye, nameless hooded man T_T

Maya: I see, so you're one of THOSE people... Who exactly do you think you are!?, do you even know what kind of place you're in at the moment!?

???: Don't care, now get lost pipsqeak, this place is for grownups, middle schoolers should stay out.

-The vein gets bigger in maya's forhead-

Masataka: ...Is he insane!?!?!?!

Maya: Ok!!, i'm through talking!, hand over the lollipop or else!!

-In one swift motion maya has the lollipop on in her mouth and the hooded man is holding her kendo sword-

???: Oh, i get it, you want some to eh... fine, i'll trade you for this sword... a fair bargain don't ya think? -he says swinging the kendo sword around a few times.

-maya spits out the lollipop and turns towards him with fire consuming her eyes-

Maya: I've had enough!!, its time somebody taught you some manners!!

Masataka: ...This won't end well.

-maya slowly steps towards the hooded man, who he himself starts to inch away-

???: Hey, you started it, giving comes with prerequisites

Maya: Stop acting all cool!, you're just a huge idiot in a hood, now give me the sword back!

???: No. You get a little. You give a little. AND you ruined my candy. If you want it back, catch me first!

-maya loses it and leaps at him suddenly going to her adult form, leaping at him like a graceful leapard and aiming for his neck to deliver a lethal pressure-strike-

Masataka: Senpai thats too far!

-The hooded male swerves out of the way with extreme precision so her fingers only catch his hood, tearing it off. Doves soar. As maya slings over his shoulder their eyes meet. A young male, no older than her with dark crimson eyes, a vicious scar over one of them with long, dark, wild and unruly hair stared into her own dark blues. His hair flowed just as gracefully in the wind as hers, having "cockroach antennae" alike her own, though whereas two erected from maya's hair, three fell from his own. Maya came tumbling to the ground but corrected herself-

???: Well done... you caught me off gaurd and managed to get my hood off... -he says as he presses the kendo sword to the ground and leans on it- You earned this. My name is Tenchi -he said giving her a seasoned thumbs up of approval a sign which would later become his trademark-

Maya: Grrr... you're just a brat!, why do you think you have the right to act so coo! -maya says as she blushes a bit and has steam pouring out of her ears-

Masataka: Uhhh... senpai... you're the only one who mentioned him being cool...

Tenchi: Well are you just gonna stand their all day?, or are you gonna attack again?, i'll gladly b*tchslap your sweet a$$ back to being humble

Maya: RRRR!!, YOU LITTLE PERV!! -she leaps at him and starts delivering super fast punches to him but he swerves out of the way of them all easily-

Masataka: Woah!

Maya: -thinking- (tch... he's more skilled than he lets on... he's moving like he knows exactly where my fists are going to be... is he a fighter?)

-With that maya became distracted enough for Tenchi to press his foot to her bare stomach and put space between them both again, Tenchi yawns a bit.

Tenchi: Ok this is boring... lets make it interesting shall we?... can't catch me -speeds off into the nearest alley-

Maya: Grrr!, Takayanagi!, get the others!, i'll pursue him!

Masataka: Y-yes captain...

-masataka runs off in one direction while maya chases down the thief. She catches up to him quite easily-

Tenchi: Hey, you're pretty good... lets see by how much

-he comes to a tall wall blocking his path and leaps up at it-

Maya: Is he going to-

-Tenchi kicks down the entire wall and keeps running, horrifying the students on the other side, causing maya to face palm and sweatdrop-

Maya: He's just brute force!!... UGH!! -continues chasing after him-

-they keep running all over the school ground but maya just cant close the gap between her and him-

Tenchi: Getting tired yet?

Maya: Not at all, brat

Tenchi: -turns around and runs backwards- nice to hear it, because i can keep this up all day

Maya: -smiles-

-A jolt of instinctive sense warning him about incoming danger and enemy attack shivered up hs spine-


-Tenchi barely ducks underneath a two feet drop kick aimed at him by Souichirou from behind, but he loses his balance and his forced to drop the wooden sword when he is also attacked by bob makihara. The skilled capoeira kicks thrown at tenchi are easily evaded as tenchi swerves and bends outta the path of the incoming attacks with a near cat-like reflex. He then flips back a few meters Souichirou kicks the wooden sword up and hands it to maya-

Tenchi: Tch, whats the matter little girl... can't fight your battles on your own?

Maya: -takes the sword and sets it over her shoulder- Not at all. This is teamwork. A brat like you would have no understanding of such a concept.

Tenchi: Pshh, teamwork is just an excuse to mask ones own shortcomings... i hoped for better from you, little girl...

Maya: Just the kind of attitude i'd expect... and stop calling me a little girl!!

-with that souichirou rushes at tenchi to tackle him but tenchi slams his fist into souchirou's chin, sending him flying into a wall and cracking it-

Tenchi: Punk...

Souichirou: You... idiot... you dont understand...

-with that, tenchi's eyes opened wide as he felt a sharp pain suddenly course through his body. The noise of cold steel slicing into a flesh was heard as droplets of blood fell to the ground. Tenchi hacked as he spat up some blood, causing maya, and all those watching to open their eyes in horror-

???: My my how sad... the jyuuken club reduced to toiling around with an unruly first year

-A woman appears atop a small wall sitting in a glamorous and suggestive posotion with her legs crossed, a blade twirling in her hand. She had long, large reddish pink hair styled in an elaborate fashion which made it look like circled french bread-

Maya: ...Isuzu...

Emi: Thats right... I... Isuzu Emi, will show you how the enforcement group deals with such unrefined apes...

-with that a blade comes flying back at emi, causing her to gasp and slice off a part of her hair-

Tenchi: Look... i don't know... who the hell you think you are... or what business you've got with the little girl and her friends over there -points to maya- ...But don't think for a second... these cute little kitchen knives... ARE ENOUGH TO HOLD ME BACK!!

-tenchi roars in fury as his back is still full of emi's shadow blades-

Emi: -licks her lips- Mmm... quite a magnificent beast aren't you... it'll be fun making you humble

-she says in a rather suggestive fashion, causing the boys in the area to nosebleed and maya to sweatdrop with her eyes half closed, showing that she was indeed not impressed.

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