This article, The Greatest Eclipse, is a Role-Play article.

This article, The Greatest Eclipse, is a Role-Play article.


The Greatest Eclipse.

The Greatest Eclipse (最大の日食, Saidai no Nijishuku) is the final, perfect, fully developed and completely matured version of Rasetsu's infamous Supreme Diabolation Sphere attack. It is the perfected and fully manifested version, and does no longer require the need to constantly consume everything in its surroundings in order to raise its destructive capacity. The Greatest Eclipse holds is one of the single most massive energy spheres in the universe. It lives up to its namesake easily, the dark light emanating from its surface casts evil shadows throughout the entire universe and dyes the very fabric of space-time a malignant blood red. It approximately as big as the hypergiant Canis Majoris and as such it is barely perceivable to the naked eye due to its size.


The Greatest Eclipse is an energy ball of even greater even than its previous infant state. This is characterized by the large, symbolic pentagram that glows with a furious burning red sprawled across its surface. Being matured to the point of perfection, The Greatest Eclipse is an apocolyptic object of unparalleled evil. It is what happens when Rasetsu's evil alternate personality gathers enough power to conceive it. The Greatest Eclipse causes effects to all planets in the universe, plunging them into a state of endless night, as their skies are consumed in darkness. The Greatest Eclipses mere shadow is enough to kill others and its shadow is cast in an omnidirectional slither all throughout the universe. No object or being in the universe is safe from this darkness.

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