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The Library of Ōkii Chie is an ancient, monumental otherworldly library, only heard of in lost legends. The library's exact origin remains unknown in history. It has an infinite amount of knowledge about existence itself. It is within a portal, connecting to the Skulfn Cairn, debuting in The Gods of Death Saga.

Discovered by Kuzon, it has been used by the Lookout Crew on numerous occasions, as they sought knowledge and enlightenment.



It is a huge, never ending library, with high shelves of books, never ending halls and more. Seekers are the guardians of the library, powerful dead warriors, who use attacks learned from the books, and are enemies to anyone. It is unknown who the maker of the library is. Librarians are tall, robed creatures resembling Plague doctors. They are haunting, stalk the library, and stamp books with seals.



The Lookout Crew were pointed to it by a man in Other World, when needing help to defeat Heatusphus. Hidden in the library, is a large lobby, and many secret passage ways, and who knows what else. Skeletons, secret messages, and more, full of secrets that are never revealed line halls and passageways. The Great Library is the greatest information source in the universe.

Hidden, is a large book with almost 10,000 pages, G.O.D. (God of Death), telling the story of the Gods of Death. Kuzon, Kuro and the others take the book, which is locked, and steal it, and break through the ceiling, and move on. Outside, around the library, is a never ending ocean. Under the ocean, is millions of scattered portals to unknown dimensions. Behind the Library, which is on a giant rock, is the underwater volcano to the Skulfn Cairn, which the gang uses to get home. Kuzon Jr. spent many nights in here reading thousands of books as a child and teenager.

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