This article, The Grand Tournament, is a Role-Play article.

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Two Animal People things training for the tournament.


This is the tournament that has an arc circled around the events of the tournament. It will be hosted by the Grand Tournament Announcer and for some reason a random alien.

Normal Competitors

The "Normal Competitors" are the ones that actually signed up for the tournament.

Crash Competitors

The "Crash Competitors" are the fighters that came to Earth from far parts of the Universe and even Hell to crash the tournament and kill everyone.





Kick & Ban


Michael Iron vs Trias - Michael Iron Wins

Destiny vs Tre - Tre forfeits

Zero vs Sei - Zero wins

Topazo & Vegitax vs Kick & Ban later Kick-ban - Topazo and Vegitax win

Mimi Games

Games people can play such as the Punching Machine, The Flying course, and more!

Crasher Gallery

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