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The Four Heavenly Kings(四天王Shitennou) is the term given to the four legendary warriors who have each obtained a mastery of a certain field of combat expertise the likes of which is so great that they are considered truly matchless in their corresponding fields of power and techniques, prompting them to be given the unique titles of Supreme Grandmasters of their respective skill sets. These four kings are a band of brothers whom have fought and lived through some of the most horrendous and life-threatening crisis's and events ever to befall planet earth.


Those whom have bore witness to the sheer power that each of these godlike monsters carry within them have caused a influx of titles being assigned to each of the four heavenly kings, names and monikers which they are universally referred by all who know of them. The current first generation of the four heavenly kings is formed by Demon-Eyes Rasetsu...


As mentioned above, each one of the four kings has mastered a different method of combat to the extent that even the most legendary and powerful of masters are considered mere insects in comparison to their divine skills and transcendent power. For each king, there are four different fields of combat assigned to them, those being as follows; Martial Arts, Swordsmanship, Ki Manipulation & Magic. Each of the four kings are simply beyond a legend at what they have mastered. Not only have they obtained an innate mastery over every single form of fighting and technique within their corresponding skill sets, they have completely destroyed the original borders and limitations of what was originally thought to be impossible within them. For example, Rasetsu Kurozuka, The Supreme Grandmaster of Martial Arts was capable of materializing his enormous martial will and philosophical connection to martial arts concepts to the point that he created an entirely new method of combat transcending the physical world which all martial artists are ultimately limited and held back by. 


First Generation

Rasetsu Kurozuka: Supreme Grandmaster of Martial Arts.

Ares: Supreme Grandmaster of Blades.

Hikari Minato: Supreme Grandmaster of Ki Manipulation.

???: Supreme Grandmaster of Magical Arts.


  • The Idea for this project is based directly off of the toriko group of the same name. 

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