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Tenma Ryuusei Ken
Anime name Tenma Meteor Fist
Manga name Demon Meteor Fist
Alternate names The Demon Lords Fist
Debut SDBZ
Appears in SDBZ
Inventor Rasetsu Aragami
Users Rasetsu Aragami
Class Attack

Tenma Ryuusei-Ken(天満流星県, Lit. "Demon Meteor Fist") is a powerful martial arts technique invented by Rasetsu Aragami, and serves as the latters signature move. It is one of his most powerful and iconic attacks, being the move which earned him his infamous title of Demon-Fist Rasetsu. The attack is considered a revolutionary move even by the standards of the most skilled spiritualists, utilizing the unique metaphysical force of Yin-yang essence which is found at the center of all living beings Ki.


As fearsome as it is ingenius, The Tenma Ryuusei-Ken implements the usage of Yin-yang essence. With both opposing forces coming together in a state of perfect balance and harmony, the base for the technique is is generated. Rasetsu focuses his ki into this basis and forces his spiritual and physical energy together, by virtue of Yin-yang essence, to change the very nature of his attack and cause it to exceed the bounds of martial arts limitation. By releasing this force at the instance of his punch, Rasetsu multiplies the number of impacts generated by this cause and effect motion by channeling the unified yin-yang energy and ultimately unleashing thousands of punches out of his fist in a single attack.

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