Tanks' House is a big mansion where he, Ryuij, and his three kids live. It has two game rooms, an indoor, and outdoor pool, and a movie theater. It also has a training room and a basket ball court.

Tanks' house
Tank's house
Tanks' house

Number of people living here:





Tanks's bedroom

Tanks's bedroom

Briana's room

Briana's room

TJ's room

Tj's room

Broly.jr's room 2

Broly.jr's room


Tanks's game room

Tanks first game room

Tanks's game room 2

Tanks' second gameroom

Movie theater

Tanks' movie theater

Tanks's living room

Tanks' living room

Other rooms

Tanks's kitchen

Tanks' kitchen

Main Hallway

Tanks' main hallway

Tanks's bathroom

Tanks' bathroom

Ryuij's room

Ryuji's room

Tanks's backyard

Tanks backyard

Tanks's basket ball court

Tanks' basketball court

Tanks's training room

Tanks training room


Tanks' pool

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