This article, Surging Super Saiyan, is a Role-Play article.

Surging Super Saiyan
Kid vegeta surging ssj
Anime name Surging SSJ
Manga name Anger SSJ
Debut Roleplay
Appears in Roleplay
Inventor Kotaz
Users Kotaz
Class Transformation
Surging Super Saiyan is a Super Saiyan Form discovered by Kotaz. (Please Ask Before Using)


Surging Super Saiyan has an infinite amount of energy. It is all based on anger and also adds the power of all your forms together as the base PL of the form. You need at least SSJ5 to achieve this form. It also can have an infinite amount of strength. As in your anger is your strength. The angrier you are, the more energy and more strength you have.


Your appearance is that of an SSJ5, but red. You become red because your soul becomes pure hot rage. Making it burn bright and through the silver of an SSJ5 looks red.

How To Achieve

First, you must be in SSJ5. When fighting, be pushed to your very limit and be extremely enraged. The more you are hurt, the higher the chance of becoming a Surging SSJ. Remember, anger is the key.


  • Kotaz

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